Koeman announced his stay at the club!

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Koeman announced his stay at the club!

The agony continues. It is clear as day that Ronald Koeman will not welcome the end of the season on the Barcelona bench, probably not even the end of the first part, but he is still here, the Management is not replacing him.

The Dutch expert, despite the team's poor results, and the last in line is a heavy defeat by Benfica in the Champions League (3: 0), claims that it could hardly have been better than that. And another great temptation is coming for the weekend, as Barça will play against Atletico Madrid.

Under the big pressure, in which everyone is waiting for the guillotine to fall on his head, Koeman went out to the press for a regular conference before the game. And of course he mostly answered questions about his status at the club.

“Am I going? I'm staying! I did not receive any new information from the club. I know the president was here this morning, but we haven't seen each other." "The team has done regular training, everything is still the same.

I also have eyes and ears, I know that a lot of things from the club are "leaking", it is certain that there is accurate information, but as I said, no one told me anything, "Koeman pointed out. That relationship with president Laporta was the next issue.

Spanish media write that the two of them - do not talk. "I don't want to answer that question." They say, maybe Koeman's match with Atletico is the last on Barca's bench… "We will see the answer to that tomorrow.

I am not the most important but the team. I am here because of my love for the club, I came in a complicated situation and I have the impression that it has become even more complicated from the first day." "Everyone has the right to have an opinion, but I am only interested in the players and the preparation of the match "

New coach

Even if a new coach comes, Koeman is not sure that he will manage to change something significant. "I don't know if the new coach would be able to do more. We have a lot of young players, there is a lot of talk about the game system, and we don't have wings."

"The coach’s job is to do his best with what he has available. If I had a bag of money, I would keep Messi first, and I would bring other players to be dominant, to be able to play pressing." "We have no balance in the team, we only have a few strikers available.

We lack players who are able to play one on one and who have speed. " When asked by journalists which is his favorite moment, and which is the worst since the day he came to Barça, Koeman said: "I was the happiest the day I became the coach of Barcelona. And the worst is when Messi left. "