Canizares: "Koeman is the worst coach ever"

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Canizares: "Koeman is the worst coach ever"

A wave of criticism strikes Ronald Koeman from all sides. Fans are angry, members of the Barcelona management, while the players have refrained for now. But, that is why his former players appear. Those to whom he was chief in Valencia.

Albelda once said that Koeman is the worst manager he has ever had, and the same was said by former goalkeeper Santiago Canizares for Marca. Canizares spent most of his career in Valencia, where he had the opportunity to get to know the working methods of a Dutch expert.

"At the tactical level, Koeman is not able to give the players the necessary instructions. He is not even good at organizing training and physical preparation of players." "In the ten years I’ve spent in Valencia, he’s the worst coach I’ve had.

He doesn't even know how to make the right decisions ", Canizares said He remembered what happened "In December, he separated me, Albelda and Angulo from a group of 25 players. And he didn't get anything by that decision.

To me, he doesn’t even look like a coach." "There were those who did not count on me as well, like Fabio Capello, but they are good experts ", explained Canizares. Miguel Torres, a former Real Madrid, Olympiacos football player, also expressed his "five cents" on Koeman's account ...

"Koeman can't even fix himself. The coach has to die with his ideas, to stay loyal to them until the end, although I don't put all the blame on him, because he didn't choose this team." "All this is a consequence of the project of the board of directors, which was not good from the beginning," Torres added.


Although it is persistently claimed that the leaders of Barca are looking for a new coach, Ronald Koeman is still on the bench and has no intention of leaving. It is obvious that most of the players are dissatisfied, both former and current, but for now no one wants to go public and be the first to influence the removal of coach Koeman.

It must be admitted that the Barcelona team is not so strong at the moment that they can achieve some bigger goals, but still the results so far are not satisfactory for what Barca wants. Management has patience for Koeman.

Is it because of the money they have to pay him if there is an early termination of the contract, or is it because they believe that Koeman will fix things, and make a team worthy of big competitions. Let's wait a little longer, but if Koeman continues like this in the next period, he will hardly stay, regardless of the financial crisis in Barcelona.