Solskjaer had words of praise for Ronaldo

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Solskjaer had words of praise for Ronaldo

Mr. Champions League. When one day he stops playing football - and it doesn't look like he will any time soon - the elite competition could be comfortably renamed "Cristiano Ronaldo". The logical consequence of the fact that he played the most games (178, surpassed Iker Casillas) and scored the most goals (136).

And it's not all in the numbers, but also in the euphoria caused, among other things, in the stands of Old Trafford, since they
literally brought Manchester United their first victory in Group F (2: 1) in the final seconds of the duel with Villarreal.

When there seemed to be no time, when time flowed like sand through his hands, the legendary Portuguese appeared and delighted the world public. "He did this many times in his career. You saw what he was like that against the Republic of Ireland a few weeks ago in the Portugal jersey: he did not use the penalty in the early early phase of the game, nor did he have much contact with the ball until the end, and then in the end he hit his head twice and turnaround the result." "Extremely strong mentality.

He stayed in the game, he was focused all the time, he waited for one single chance and it came." "What characterizes a true center forward is that he will remain calm when given such a chance. He is great in front of the goal and has an extraordinary influence on the audience, teammates, everyone in the club ", says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer enthusiastically.

Solskjaer on the game

The Norwegian was happy because of the late goal of the Red Devils as if he had scored it by himself. As he worked while he was a center forward, Sir Alex Ferguson was happy, now he is waiting to be guarded by a football angel in the form of Ronaldo.

"Old Trafford is a magical place in the Champions League. Our history sometimes helps us in this competition. Last night, Cristiano stepped forward and decided the match, previously Alex Telles scored a fantastic goal." "We achieved an important victory for the team spirit.

Two weeks ago we were defeated in the same way in Bern, now we have won in compensation, it is football, consisted of ups and downs. And it is good that it ended like this, in any case, I prefer to have a victory and a defeat, than two draws ", added Solskjaer. United will play against Everton on Saturday and will try to continue with the victories