Bonucci explained Ronaldo's influence on Juventus

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Bonucci explained Ronaldo's influence on Juventus

Max Allegri completed one cycle and it was clear to everyone that Juventus is read for a change of generations. However, first Maurizio Sarri, then Andrea Pirlo wanted to make up the Old Lady, make her more attractive, more beautiful, not as closed as before.

And they were wrong. Because as Leonardo Bonucci says in a git interview for the prestigious Atletic, just as Barcelona is based on the style of play of Johan Cruyff, so Juventus has its path written in its DNA. It is based on uncompromising fighters.

And although Juve have always been closer to the bourgeoisie, especially since the club was taken over by the Agnelli family - it was back in 1923 - while Turin was considered a working team, the Old Lady have always appreciated those who will step out and when to take a shovel and start digging for victory.

"It's nice to try to play nice, but you also have to make sacrifices, to be modest. Giving 100 percent is not enough, everyone has to give 101 percent." "If you look at history and see in what eras Juventus won, you will see that they always had 10 top players, 10 good players and four mules in the team."

"Everyone must have the same mentality and think, 'We have to win this.' No matter how. Just to get the points home ", explains the Juventus legend Bonucci in an interview in which he touched on numerous topics, from the importance of a central defedner, over the European crown won this summer and an unfulfilled dream to play under Pep Guardiola, all the way to advice on how to play against Romelu Lukaku ,, And when Bonucci talks - you sit and listen.

Especially when he talks about Juventus and the already mentioned change of generations. And the wrong idea for Juve to give up tradition. "In the last two seasons, we put it aside, because of the desire to do something different, it was thought that the history of Juventus could change."

"However, I believe - and I have talked about that with both Buffon and Chiellini that Barcelona is winning as it is winning because of their history since the day of Johan Cruyff." "Liverpool wins in their own way, because that is their history.

And at Juventus, we have our history. "


This was the case until Juve decided to "jump off the rails" by bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo. The club brand gained global value, but the experiment failed on the field.

Not only through Ronaldo's fault, but also because his arrival was misunderstood by other Juventus players. "That's the problem. The idea that one player, even if he was the best in the world, can guarantee Juventus a victory.

Cristiano's presence had a great impact on us." "The trainings with him brought us something, but subconsciously the players started to think that his presence alone was enough. And it started. A little less work on training, less modesty, less sacrifice, the desire to be with a teammate day after day.

It was seen. " That is how it came about that Juve is looking for the salvation of the season in the Italian Cup. However, Bonucci believes that the victory over Atalanta had a much bigger impact than just winning the trophy.

He secured a place in the Champions League only in the last round of the championship. "At the end of last season, we took fourth place in the table and won the Cup because we became a team again. If you had put a piece of wood in the locker room before those games, it would have caught fire as much as it sparkled."

"We missed that. Maybe before that we were just trying to pass the ball to Cristiano thinking that he would solve everything for us. But Cristiano needed the team as much as he needed us. "