Shocking defeat of Real Madrid by Sheriff

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Shocking defeat of Real Madrid by Sheriff

The whole football world woke up this morning with open mouths, pinching themselves to check that it wasn't all just a dream. That feeling of disbelief spread across the planet last night. Yes, it is true, Sheriff beat Real, in the middle of the cult stadium "Santiago Bernabeu"

The world media seem to be still trying to digest the situation. It is not disputable that Real absolutely dominated the field, that the Sheriff reached the goal with a unique game by Giorgos Athanasiadis, but it is not only up to the goalkeeper from Greece.

In the reports from the matches, the Madrid media mostly point the finger at Casemiro "One of the worst games of the Brazilian, at least in recent seasons. Physically very lazy, he allowed the rival to feel comfortable in his zone of interest.

It is unthinkable ", famous AS wrote in the explanation of his bad game, and the Catalan Sport noticed that the 21-year-old from Ghana, Edmund Addo, tore Casemiro's game in the center. "An African attacked him with his weapon.

The ball burned Casemiro on his foot ”. Casemiro said briefly that games like this just happen. "It's football, they had two shots and scored two goals. We had more than 20 shots, but we were not careful. "

Madrid media

The Madrid media have not fired from all weapons yet, although the critics were pointed to Eduardo Camavinga, who too often watches the ball ignoring the opposing players, and Luka Jovic because of the missed 1 vs 1 chance, and even Eden Hazard, because he would have to solve games like this.

"Bernabeu is starting to lose patience with him," says Sport. The world media remind that the estimated value of the Sheriff's team is approximately equal to the annual salary of Real's defender David Alaba.

Tatoo of that lightning from the 89th minute, SebastienThill, who has a tattooed image of himself dreaming of playing in the Champions League, also attracted a lot of attention. "The best and most important goal of my career, that's for sure.

We all went crazy after the match ", was the statement the euphoric football player from Luxembourg, who played in Tambov, Russia last season, which was disbanded due to bankruptcy in May. In the author's comment, Madrid's Marca states that the Moldovan club at the "Santiago Bernabeu" stadium looked like a real sheriff from western movies.

While Real Madrid no longer look like a handsome hero of a Hollywood achievement. "The sheriff shouldn't have won any damn points in this group. And it turned into a Cinderella story. " That is why many ridicule Real's president Florentino Perez, the most vocal supporter of the establishment of the Super League.

Explaining why it is necessary, Perez often said that the Champions League becomes interesting only from the quarterfinals. "Football, at least in the group stage of the Champions League, has become predictable and therefore boring ...

There are games that no one watches, to be honest, even I struggle while watching them," said Real's "suprimo"