Anelka is brutally honest: Mbappe is number one at PSG

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Anelka is brutally honest: Mbappe is number one at PSG

There is a lot of money. The only problem is that the same is the case with vanity. So many stars in such a small space ... It must burst somewhere. The famous French striker Nicolas Anelka still thinks that it is completely wrong to blame Kylian Mbappe for everything.

Regardless of the fact that Lionel Messi arrived in Paris Saint-Germain and somehow naturally renewed his friendship with Neymar. The South American clan have taken control of the locker room at Princes Park. Mbappe was filmed complaining to Idrissa Gueye on the bench that Neymar was not passing the ball to him ...

The French media suddenly remembered that Killian was not a very social guy, that he asked to go to Real this summer, that he was no longer so close to Neymar ... Anelka, on the other hand, has no dilemma: PSG should clearly say who the first star of the team is.

And they should say exactly - Mbappe! "Mbappe must be the leader of the club, because he is number one. Messi was in Barcelona, ​​but now he has to serve Mbappe. He has been at the club for five years and even Messi has to respect that ", the now 42-year-old Anelka said


Is it because he is the Frenchman like Mbappe or something else ...

“Mbappe is irreplaceable. When it comes to speed, there is no better in the world and Paris Saint-Germain must do everything they can so he will stay." "But I think he has already decided. He wants more and that is normal.

If he had played in England or Spain for the last three seasons, he would have already won the Golden Ball. If he leaves, we can only say thank you to him for everything. " Anelka did not bypass the "problem" about the goalkeepers of Paris Saint-Germain.

That is, the fact that Gianluigi Donnarumma is sitting on the bench, because Kaylor Navas has the championship. "PSG brought him (Donnarumma) because he was a free agent, but they should have told him clearly: 'This season, Navas is the starter.

You are here for the future. ' I hope they told him that clearly, because otherwise it will not be a healthy competition. They are not gardeners, there must be number one. " They are not gardeners, they can't even be with those million-dollar contracts, but Anelka points out that the "support staff" must not be forgotten either.

“When you have Messi in the team it means you have surpassed everyone else. It is now a club that everyone loves, but still a club without a European title." "And because of that, they will be under enormous pressure, because everyone will think that they will win the Champions League with Messi. But football is not just about stars. "