Borrusia Dortmund believe they don't have to sell Haaland

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Borrusia Dortmund believe they don't have to sell Haaland

There is hope for Borussia Dortmund. Although it seemed certain that Erling Haaland would leave Borussia Dortmund next summer, the management of the Millionaire says that there is a chance that they will keep the Norwegian national team player after June 2022.

According to the original plan, a clause is activated for two transfer periods, according to which a great striker can change the environment at a fixed price of 75,000,000 euros, which is money that some of the world's most famous clubs could easily pay.

Borussia wants to meanwhile either increase the value of the release clause or reach an agreement with Haaland on the continuation of cooperation, although this seems like an impossible mission at the moment. Especially if it is known that Real Madrid want him very much, Liverpool have joined the race in recent months, and it would not be a surprise if their plans are disrupted by Paris Saint-Germain.

"Some" experts "say that we have to sell because we are on the stock market(in order for the club to pay dividends to shareholders, op. Cit.), They think this is the reason why Haaland will leave next summer.

It's all bulls*it." "The decision on whether and when to sell is made exclusively by the Board of Directors. And we have not yet decided what to do, whether Erling will stay or leave next summer. We will see ", Hans Joachim Watzke was mystical.

Watzke about the transfer

The executive director of Borussia did not specify how he intends to keep the best football player of the team. All he has to do is count on his good will, that he will choose to stay there. "Haaland is already a mature person, capable of deciding on his own.

In any case, at some point in his career he will play for the best club in the world, even though he is already part of one of the best clubs in the world. Of course, I know that Real Madrid is one of the suitors. " Not the only one, but ...

"The ball is now in Erling's yard. I have a good relationship with his agent Mino Raiola, and it is not correct to assume that the agent thinks only of money." "Mino is certainly thinking about what is best for his client.

Erling is the one who holds the keys, and I, as the executive director, am neither optimistic nor pessimistic on this issue ", Watzke concluded. Despite all the stories, if the real offer that satisfies Dortmund comes, there is a good chance that the Norwegian will change the environment.