Lazio vs Roma: Clash of two amazing coaches!

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Lazio vs Roma: Clash of two amazing coaches!

Maybe he came too early, because five championship rounds in Serie A have just passed, but the battle has already flared up, so the famous Roman derby has an important impact on the results at this moment. Lazio and Roma are playing their 155th match in Serie A today (18.00) ie a total of 177 official matches in all competitions, and for several players this will be their premier participation in one of the biggest derbies on the Old Continent.

In the foreground are two coaches Maurizio Sarri and Jose Mourinho. Meticulous Italian journalists have calculated that this will be the 120th derby in the career of the famous Portuguese strategist, but the first in which it will be decided who is the current boss of the Eternal City.

Roma broke a six-game winning streak in all competitions with an unexpected defeat by Verona last weekend, so it was certainly harder for Mourinho to prepare the team for the match against Udinese than for the Derby della Capitale.

Roma continued a series of serious problems with opponents in the last few rounds, but somehow managed to win three points and bring peace to the house before one of the most important matches of Italian football. "Derby matches are wonderful for the coach, because he doesn't have to worry about how to motivate someone or check their concentration level."

"It wasn't easy to prepare the team for Udinese, but everyone enters the derby 100% ready. We play to win, even if we can't always to win, we are faced with an opponent who has the same ambitions." "What I am asking is for my team to leave the field aware that they did their best.It will be a privilege for me to experience the Roman derby, but I also want my team to have ambitions that go beyond derby.

It is not our only goal this season, "Mourinho said.

Sarri on the game

With his presentation, Mr. Special clearly stated that he wants a team that have a big ambitions, not to be satisfied with the name of some local hero, but a team that is capable of attacking serious goals such as placement in the Champions League.

Sari's team do not know about the victory for a long time. After the defeat against Milan, the one from Galatasaray in the Europa League also arrived, followed by a draw with Cagliari in Rome, so the Sky Blues went to Turin on their feet on Thursday under a huge imperative.

"This is one of the most important matches in Europe, it's a great honor for me. Everyone as a child dreams of experiencing the Roman derby." "Roma is very strong, they will make us more concentrated. The media pressure does not match the one in the locker room.

The match where I felt the biggest pressure was Sangiovanese - Montevarchi, the Tuscan derby in Serie C, which has a century-long rivalry." - Sarri concluded