Juventus want to take advantage of Donnaruma's conflict with PSG

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Juventus want to take advantage of Donnaruma's conflict with PSG

He arrived to Paris as the best player of the European Championship. With amazing saves he paved the way for Italy to the continental throne. He became part of the most ambitious project in European club football, only to start a new adventure in the shadow of Keylor Navas.

Corriere della Sera points out that Gianluigi Donnarumma is extremely dissatisfied with the situation, as well as that he did not expect that he would have to fight that much in order to be standard on Paris Saint-Germain's goal.

Due to the new situation, Juventus want to make some moves. For less than 100,000,000 euros (at least until the bonuses arrive for payment), PSG have completed their transfer period. Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Giorginio Wijnaldum and Donnarumma did not burden the club's coffers at the start, because they arrived at the Princes' Park as free players.

The beginning is not what PSG had hoped for. Some did not even get the right opportunity. Like say one of the best network keepers on the planet. Of the nine possible, he made two appearances. Reason? Hellish competition in the form of a three-time winner of the Champions League Navas.

The popular Giggio did not hope that such a situation could await him in Paris. He was not promised that. He is "surprised and dissatisfied" because of everything.. So much so that he would consider leaving early. It may be ungrateful to compare him with a more experienced colleague, considering that both of them are two top-class goalkeepers.

There are minimal differences between the former goalkeepers of Milan and Real Madrid. Donnarumma's advantage is his age, he will be able to defend on the biggest stage for many more years. But at the moment, it cannot be said that he is ahead of the Costa Rican and that he simply has to be on the goal in every match.

It seems that PSG just hurried to pick up one of the most valuable goalkeepers on the planet, so as not to miss the opportunity. Did they need it? That cannot be said at the moment.

Conflict and Juventus

Mauricio Pochettino is looking for a diplomatic solution, he claims that both will get a chance depending on the game, the opponent.

The Italian media are talking about a slightly different picture. Namely, they claim that the Argentine must not disturb the atmosphere in the locker room, which is mostly because of Navas. The club is reportedly dominated by the South American clan, which consists of newcomers Leo Messi, Angel Di Maria, Marquinhos and Neymar, and some of the most influential players in the team believe that the Costa Rican should have the advantage.

And Pochettino doesn't need to have a conflict once again with the biggest reinforcement in the history of the club. The wounds from the conflict near the out line during the match with Olympique Lyonnais are still fresh (Messi refused to give a hand to the coach).

Because of all of the above, Donnarumma's faithful agent Mino Raiola could take things into his own hands. One of his best clients must not be dissatisfied. That is why he could reopen talks with Juventus, which was a serious candidate for the signature of the best Italian goalkeeper before PSG was included in the whole story.

Juve eventually gave up, coach Massimiliano Allegri made strengthening other positions a priority. At the same time, the financial situation in the club have not been at an satisafactory level for some time. Old Lady could not fight with PSG. But after everything, another opportunity appeared for the Bianconeri.