Koeman: "Young players can't always bring success"

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Koeman: "Young players can't always bring success"

Only four rounds have passed, Barcelona still do not know about the defeat, but the game does not instill so much self-confidence, so the Catalan media have been buzzing for days about the potential replacement of Ronald Koeman.

And although Barcelona obliges to pay him 13,000,000 euros if he is replaced - he paid 6,000,000 so that he could leave the bench of the Dutch national team - it seems that the head of Blaugrana's professional staff is starting to feel the pressure.

Therefore, today we had a very unusual press conference, because there were no questions. Koeman just read the pre-prepared statement and left. Not before he asked the public for patience and support "The economic situation in the club is related to sports, so we have to build a team in circumstances in which we are not able to invest."

"The good thing about building a team is that young people will get a chance, like Xavi and Iniesta used to. But that requires patience ", Koeman began a short address.


"A good placement on the table would be a success in such circumstances.

We cannot expect miracles in the Champions League. The defeat by Bayern must be understood from that perspective." "The process we are currently in must be supported, in words and deeds. And the press admits that we are in the process.

This is not the first time." "We count on your support in these difficult times. The team and the players are satisfied with the support we had in the match with Granada. Come to the matches ", he finished However, Koeman did not manage to end the media speculations about his dismissal.

He will surely lead the team away to Cadiz on Thursday, but if the team fails there as well, as when they celebrated a point against Granada, the question is whether the management led by Joan Laporta will manage to overcome the pressure.

Although there is really no money to waste. They would have to pay those 13,000,000 euros to Koeman first, and the obligation towards Quqie Setien are not been finished yet, so they would have to find a new boss. Local media speculate that in that case, Barça would first turn to Roberto Martinez, with the proviso that they would have to pay him compensation, this time a "modest" 1,800,000 euros, so that he could leave the bench of Belgium.

Xavi is also an option, regardless of the fact that he supported another candidate in the elections, although Laporta believes that the legendary football player would have to train on the B team first, because so far he has only led Qatar's Al Sadd.