Borja Valero revealed what is happening behind the football scene!

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Borja Valero revealed what is happening behind the football scene!

From the Europa League final to the sixth league. At the age of 36, Borja Valero decided that was enough, he works as a commentator on the DAZN station, and along the way he plays some games for the club named Lebowski It is clear that Valero has interesting views of the world, and now he points out that he enjoys small things related to football.

"There's a lot of emotion in the sixth league. I see a lot of people in the stadium singing even when you lose. It's the best part of the sport." And what's the worst part? "When you're a child, you're surrounded by a lot of nice words.

You're young, you don't understand them and you rely on them. Someone does it with the right intentions, and someone tells you nice things and doesn't think of you. It's a bad part of the football world "

How did Borja Valero go through those beginnings? "I made a lot of sacrifices. It was stressful. I was separated from my friends, I was fighting for a starter position in the team. At 12 I acted like a professional, which I wasn't.

I lost some important parts of my life in adolescence: friendships, first love " Would you decide to be a footballer again? "If I think about how it was then - yes. I was crazy about football. But looking at it from this point, I probably wouldn't do it again.

I'm not sure it's worth it." "I have a good life thanks to football. But maybe I could have it and without him. I enjoyed many moments, like when I made my debut for Real Madrid or the national team. However, football is much bigger than what you see on TV.

" What is Borja aiming for? "There are bad moments. Like the criticism that a player feels on his skin. You do your best, and they criticize you. It's not easy. Maybe one day I'll work as a coach, but not professionally."

Inter and Fiorentina

He touched on Inter, then Fiorentina, and in that presentation he also commented on the Serbian striker Dušan Vlahović. "The team is practically the same as last season, but with additional attention to Dušan Vlahović.

Now Dušan knows better how to deal with some moments." "The way he grew up says that he deserved a new contract. Big offers came, but he wanted to to stay. There is always the question of whether the train passed or not.

He understands that he could still make progress in Fiorentina and that is why he did not leave, "Valero said. At what moment did Borja Valero's life change the most? "At the time of my mother's death from cancer a few years ago.

I was negative, and my mother told me to live every day, to be positive. It made me a better person and I will teach that to my children." What do ordinary mortals not see in football? "TV doesn't show everything.

In 98% of cases, footballers say what they can, not what they really think. They do it to protect teammates, coaches." "Besides games, the best part I've experienced is travel. Visits, dinners with older players, their stories.

Stories, not shi*s. I'm in Lebowski's locker room now. Original guys, without a shred of spotlight. But there is passion, "Borja Valero concluded.