Joao Felix could be suspended for a month

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Joao Felix could be suspended for a month

The outburst made by Joao Felix in the game against Bilbao could cost him dearly now when he is fighting for his place under the sun in Atletico. The young Portuguese football player received a red card, more precisely two yellow cards in the space of only ten seconds, but that was not the end of his rage.

Furious that he received the first warning for a foul, Felix protested violently, so the referee Gil Manzano had no choice but to give him another card and send him to the locker room. After that, Joao became even more furious, shouted at the referee with a "threatening raised finger", as the arbitrator wrote in the report, and then on the way to the locker room he kicked things and threw them, which will be additionally charged against him.

According to the Disciplinary Rules, as the Spanish media write, Joao Felix could get as many as 12 suspension matches, because all the aggravating circumstances will be put on his soul, especially the one he attacked the referee.

The minimum penalty he could receive is a month off the field.

Savic on the referee

On the other hand, Atletico will not just follow the epilogue of this story, since they told the football association that Gil Manzano ended his adventure at Wanda Metropolitano and that they no longer want to see him there.

Montenegrin national team player Stefan Savić, the commander of Atletico's defense, also defended his young teammate. "The first yellow card is disputable, because everyone saw that Joao did not intend to knock down the opponent.

It's not for the card" "We all sometimes say some things that are out of place, but it is not normal for me to get a yellow card for every word. If a card was received for every word in every game, no team would ever finish a game with 11 players ", Stefan Savić pointed out Atletico have the game tonight, when they are guests of Getafe (19.30).

The home team has another attempt to change their account without points. However, it is very questionable that theycould succeed against Atletico Madrid. Getafe enjoyed the success one by one in the preparation games, but the start of the season was terrible.

Their strongest defensive weapon is somewhat at the level, but in the offensive it's a disaster. The only goal was scored by Sandro Ramirez in Barcelona (1: 2). In two home matches, Sevilla (0: 1) and Elche (0: 1), while in the last round, they had a debacle against Rayo Vallecano (0: 3).