Can Napoli win Serie A?

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Can Napoli win Serie A?

Napoli is the only team in Serie A with maximum performance after four rounds! Udinese suffered a catastrophe on their Friuli from the amazing team of Luciano Spalletti, which continues to play great games at the beginning of the new season.

Defense tightened like a string - only two goals conceded - an attack that adds gas. Although it is the early phase of the season, Napoli seems like a realistic candidate for the title at the moment, although Spalletti does not even want to think about the Scudetto next to the Milan greats.

"We have a long way to go until the end of the championship, but we definitely have quality," says Spalletti and continues: "Maybe we lack players with whom we can make quality changes, and we need to keep a high pace.

The main question is how long we can last with football at this level, that makes a difference in the end. " He took Milan and Inter as examples of well-filled teams, giving them the best chances for the title. "Milan is strong in all positions, Inter is functioning great despite some departures, but they managed to make up for them by buying important players.

They are especially strong in the middle of the field. " And what is Napoli's strength? “Atmosphere in the locker room, team chemistry. We are full of love that fuels the whole team. We have quality in attack, Osimhen is really strong, he may lack a bit of quality in a small space, but it is very difficult to catch him when he gets his chance.

Our wings are great in one-on-one situations. "


He took the game in Udine as an example. "What my players have shown makes me happy. Character, temperament, commitment to obligations throughout the game. And it's not just about behavior, you also need real quality."

"Look at Insigne who manages to lob the goalkeeper who runs to him. Look at Lozano's goal or Koulibaly's character. The team played great. " Napoli, by all accounts, have a fantastic team and it seems that they lacked an expert like Spalletti who will restore their self-confidence and bring additional quality.

For now, they play great, and in every game in Serie A they had dominance, moved great and we could felt the chemistry in the team. We still don't know how long their domination will last, considering that the season is very long. Of course, their main competitors will be Inter and Milan, but let's wait until the end