Juventus started the season desperately after Ronaldo left

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Juventus started the season desperately after Ronaldo left

Reactions in Turin after Ronaldo left Juventus were different, but the loudest were those who believed that many players would be better after Ronaldo leaves. This primarily meant Paul Dybala, who finally got the opportunity to become the absolute leader of this team, but it obviously only put a burden and high expectations around his neck.

The Old Lady was playing poorly at the beginning of the season in recent years, but it is clear that at this moment the situation is worse than before. The syndrome of Ronaldo's departure has left serious consequences on this team, so it remains to be seen whether Massimiliano Allegri's team will be able to pull thmselves out of the current situation and get a chance to fight for the "Scudetto"

The fact is that Juventus have faced this situation at the start of one season only three times in their history, and the last time back in the 1961/1962 season, when the giant from Turin had no victory in the first four games of the championship there.

It is clear that this team is facing serious pressure, which is further increased by the local media, which ruthlessly punish the stumbled team after the poor editions. With the departure of Ronaldo, they not only lost a player of extraordinary quality, but also a true leader, who raised the self-confidence of the entire team with his mentality.

Spezia and Milan

There is no such leader now, and only serious editions on the field and victories can produce him. For a start, it is necessary to break the black string, which will not be easy, although at first it seems that Juventus simply have to beat the home team Spezia on Wednesday.

That Juventus have not been functioning properly for a long time is also shown by the fact that in the last 18 matches or since March 2 this year, this team have not played a championship match in which their net remained intact.

The only match in all the competitions in which that happened was the celebration in the Champions League over Malmo of 3: 0. At one point, after the early lead of Juventus against Milan and the goal of Alvaro Moragta, it seemed that things could finally go in the right direction for Allegri's team, but as the match progressed, the situation changed, and Milan won a valuable point.

"Unfortunately, we lost concentration, determination and focus. Just look at the angle where we conceded the goal, there was oversaturation." "It's not possible to lose a game after you had control. Obviously we have to make more progress.

But this game doesn't change anything about my opinion of Juventus." "What we need to learn quickly is that there are matches in which you have to be firm, determined, to be concentrated. This is part of the general growth process of some players, "Allegri said.