The difficult financial situation is in Koeman's favor

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The difficult financial situation is in Koeman's favor

The turbulence in Barcelona is not calming down. A difficult financial situation cost the club, president Joan Laporta and his associates are trying save the club. They had to say goodbye to Lionel Messi in order for the club to live, but the beginning of a new era does not seem promising.

Coach Ronald Koeman is the first to be hit, but as things stand, the Dutchman will not leave the Blaugrana bench soon. Namely, as RMC Sport reports the allegations of some Catalan media, Barça would have to pay 13,000,000 euros to the Dutchman in the name of compensation in case of premature termination of cooperation.

Koeman is bound by a contract for the club until the end of the season, with the possibility of extending the cooperation for another year. Even in that case, the former Dutch coach was secured. If he does not receive an extension after the expiration of the two-year cooperation, the club will be obliged to pay him 6,000,000 euros.


Given that Barça has debts in the amount of 1,300,000,000 euros, it is clear that they cannot afford to be left without 100 times less numbers, because any such expenditure would be a step backwards in the fight to get out of the crisis.

That is why it seems that Koeman will stay on the bench, at least until the end of the competition year. Koeman had to take 6,000,000 euros out of his pocket in order to join Barcelona and make his dream come true. It was necessary to pay so much to the Football Association of the Netherlands for the termination of cooperation, considering that the offer from Camp Nou arrived while he was on the bench of Netherland national team.

That is exactly why he inserted the mentioned clause in the same amount, with the proviso that Barca would have to pay him the amount of one year's salary (around 7,000,000 euros) in case of early termination. Hence the mentioned 13,000,000.

The Catalan media wrote that the relations between the first man of the club and the head of the profession are not great. Laporta and Koeman do not want to admit that. Before the match with Granada (21.00), the coach pointed out that he does not worry about his future.

"The only thing I can do is think in the game, about the team. Other things are not in my hands. I've been at Barca for a couple of years and I know that in the end only the results count. I'm not afraid for my future. The decision is up to the president."