Raiola revealed his plans with Romagnoli and Pogba

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Raiola revealed his plans with Romagnoli and Pogba

Mino Raiola's power is growing from year to year and he has reached the point where he manages the careers of his players in such a way that he asks them almost nothing, and at the same time directs their careers to the account of which club will allocate more money for salary, and in some cases in the first place is a higher commission to him.

Thus, Raiola gained the title of one of the most powerful football agents on the planet, at this moment perhaps without competition, so he is now in a position to announce what will happen next year, even though the summer transfer market was closed less than three weeks ago.

In conversations for television Rai and Turin's Tuttosport, Raiola announced potentially crazy summer months in 2022 for Juventus. Specifically, (at least) two arrival transfers and one player will leave his club. Of course, he talked about the players he personally represents.

When asked what is happening with Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli, whose contract at San Siro expires in June, the answer is very clear - Juventus is the (first) option. "Romagnoli and De Ligt are among the best defenders in Europe and there is a chance that the two of them will play together at Juventus next year."

"De Ligt has a contract with Juve, but Romagnoli will become a free agent, so he can choose his destination." "However, they should be careful with De Ligt, because he could leave Juventus when the season is over.

Such is the market and there are many clubs interested", says Raiola.

Pogba and Donnarumma

One of the topics of conversation was the status of Paul Pogba at Manchester United, because, like Romagnoli, his contract expires in the summer.

"Paul loves Torino and there is a chance that he will return to Juventus. We will first talk to United and see what they say. It all depends, of course, on Juventus' plans. " In the Italian media, this statement by Mino Raiola spread at the speed of light, and well-informed sources believe that Pogba's return to Juventus would be feasible only on the condition that he reduces his salary claims.

The Frenchman earns 15,000,000 euros in basic salary at United, plus bonuses, which is too much money for Juventus, which only last year had a net deficit of over 200,000,000 euros. Raiola also referred to the case of Gianluigi Donbarumma, who left his boys' club Milan this summer without compensation in order to sign a mega-contract with PSG.

Let us remind you, Raiola set unrealistic conditions in front of Rossoneri's leaders and demanded a salary far higher than what was offered ... “Donnarumma? There was no betrayal in his departure. He made a career decision, there is no betrayal.

He could have left four years ago, but he stayed." "Was he close to Juventus? I think Juventus will regret not taking him for a long time. Not just Juventus, many others. There is no fight between Donnarumma and Navas, Gigi will be the first goalkeeper. "