Marchisio: "Milan is now stronger than Juventus"

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Marchisio: "Milan is now stronger than Juventus"

After a long time, Milan is not going to Turin on the feet of Juventus as an outsider. The period of domination of the Old Lady in Italian football has passed as seen in the past and can be seen at the beginning of this season.

On the other hand, the Rossoneri are growing and advancing in every sense, so on Sunday, they will have a nice opportunity to take advantage of the positive moment and record a good result in Turin. That Juventus is no longer the favorite against Milan is confirmed by the words of their legend Claudio Marchisio.

"Milan is now stronger than Juventus." "Maldini, Massara, and Pioli did a great job to rebuild a team that has been in trouble for years. As a club, Milan deserved such a return, given their rich history."

"Starting in the Champions League was not easy for them because Liverpool is a difficult opponent, but I am convinced that this Milan team will do some good things," said Marchisio. As for his former club, the popular Principino says it takes time to start a new era.

"Juventus is in the process of reconstruction. Now they are trying to reach the level of the team that started the cycle of domination. When laying the groundwork for long-term projects, it is normal to have difficulty in the beginning."

"They need to be given trust and time. Now new leaders are being created and I don't see a problem with identity and character. A club like Juventus must always strive for victories. It just takes a little more cohesion and patience.



On Sunday, one of Juventus' hopes will be Milan's child Manuel Locatelli, who came this summer as a big reinforcement from Sassuolo. Many compare him to Marchisio in the style of the game. "Manuel is a great player.

His qualities were seen in Milan, and he grew in Sassuolo. He has everything it takes to become the leader of Juventus' midfield." "He always showed a strong character in the national team. I don't want to compare us because he will write his history and I believe that it will be wonderful."

"Growing up in a health club is very important. I was lucky to grow up at Juventus and to have time to mature on loan at Empoli," says Marchisio. After a long time, Juventus will not be the favorite in this match, and Milan have a great chance to use the probably bad team spirit of Juventus due to previously poor results. Milan is aware of the opportunity and will do their best to use this moment