Everton wants to make a breakthrough with new players

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Everton wants to make a breakthrough with new players

Everton fans will get water in their mouths, but due to unpleasant experiences from previous years, they will wait a bit with euphoria. Certainly, the news that, along with the transfers of James Rodriguez and Allan, the arrival of Abdoulaye Doucouré has also been agreed, can arouse a dose of optimism in all those who have Caramel at heart.

However, Everton brought great players in previous years, from whom a lot was expected, but still, the expectations did not come true. Everton is mostly a team that finishes at the top of the table and it is to be hoped that they will now take a step forward and achieve the long-awaited placement in European competitions.

The players that Ancelotti has captured are certainly a huge surprise because not insulting Everton, this type of players are for much stronger clubs. Everton recently launched a new offensive on Abdoulaye Doucouré and it seems that this time they quickly broke Watford's resistance, although the Hornets, after moving to the Championship, do not have many arguments with which they could keep the French midfielder from Mali.

According to the latest information, Everton will pay 22,500,000 euros for Doucouré's transfer, plus another 2,500,000 euros for bonuses, and the last details are currently being agreed, and the player is waiting for a four-year contract.

Doucoure and PSG

Doucouré was once associated with Paris Saint-Germain and some other rich Europeans, but Watford then successfully repulsed all offensives, even when Doucouré tried to force a transfer, such as when he went to Paris and there on his own, awaiting the outcome of negotiations with PSG.

No agreement was reached then, and Dukure remained in Watford until today. However, he will soon move to a new address Everton will have an amazing midfield next season because Allan will also play near Doucouré. During the day, information arrived that both Allan and James Rodriguez had arrived in the UK to complete medical examinations, do the paperwork, and sign contracts with Caramel.

Everton will pay Napoli 25,000,000 euros and bonuses for Allan, and Allan comes at the insistence of Carlo Ancelotti since they worked together in Napoli. As for James' transfer from Real Madrid, the financial details have not been published, but it is clear that the key man for this job is Angelotti, who worked with him at Real, Bayern, and will now be at Everton, and he also wanted him at Naples.

In addition, it was during his tenure at Real that James was brought from Monaco for almost 80,000,000 euros, and it was with Don Carlet that he played the best football of his career and in the jersey of the Royal Club. Everton is not joking, but now the most important thing is to see if Ancelotti will manage to put all the dice together.