Romeo, Barcelona vice-president: "La Liga gave us the option to keep Messi"

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Romeo, Barcelona vice-president: "La Liga gave us the option to keep Messi"

For many years, Barcelona was one of the main football powers in Europe. Ever since the beginning of that era with Ronaldinho 20 years ago, and with historical epochs with Leo Messi. The Catalans have won four European titles in this century, and only Real Madrid is more successful than them.

But times have changed and black clouds appeared over Camp Nou Stadium. The departure of the club symbol Leo Messi revealed to everyone the situation the club is in a bad position, and the recent convincing defeat by Bayern indicated that Barcelona as a club is waiting for a painful process of reconstruction.

Former president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his harmful management are to blame for everything because they brought the club into financial problems. They were replaced at the beginning of the year, former president Joan Laporta returned and brought a new administration that rolled up its sleeves and decided on painful cuts such as the release of Lionel Messi.

Yesterday, the management of the club met and presented the financial report which states that the 2020/21 season ended with a loss of 481,000,000 euros!

Romeu on the situation

The report also states that the club budget for the current season 2021/22 is 765,000,000 euros!

The total debt amounts to over one billion and 300 million euros. With the departure of Messi, the club's budget has been seriously relieved, but that is not enough. The club's management has cut costs for players' salaries by about 145,000,000 euros annually and is working to save more.

Eduard Romeu, the vice president in charge of finances in Laporta's management, exposed the truth and said something that many in Catalonia will not like, but it is a harsh truth. He explained that the departure of the Messi was inevitable.

"In the end, the president of the league, Tebas, solved the situation around the Messi instead of us. We had a problem called a financial fair play that we inherited from the previous administration." "They offered us a document that would help us apply the rules differently.

In the end, however, this was not possible. Those rules would jeopardize the club’s business for the next 50 years and put a mortgage on the club." "That fund of theirs would help us with an investment of two billion euros, and they would eventually earn 22 billion.

That would cost a club like Barcelona a minus of 13 percent annually, and we can go up to a two percent minus a year." "That operation would be a disaster. Of course, we would be glad to keep Messi, but not under those conditions.

No one can be above the club. Of course, the responsibility lies with the club, but we inherited a catastrophic situation and these are the consequences ", Romeo admitted