Mauricio Pochettino: "We weren't strong enough"

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Mauricio Pochettino: "We weren't strong enough"

Finally, we saw a trio in action that should instill fear in the bones of their opponents. To sweat the palms of every goalkeeper in the world. The bones of the Club Brugge football players did not shake, Simon Mignolet's palms remained dry.

The net behind the former Liverpool goalkeeper shook only once. PSG's attack Messi- Neymar - Mbappe failed on their joint debut. PSG did not impress anyone with tonight's performance. Certainly not the goalkeeper of the Belgian champion.

He had only three interventions. According to him - easy ones. Instead of one of the members of the deadly attack, Ander Herrera forced him to take the ball out of the net. "I didn't have a lot of work, we played very well as a team.

We didn't allow a team with a fantastic attack to create chances. You can't mark them one on one, because they have too many qualities to pass you by." "We tried with the team defense not to give them a lot of space.

I had three interventions, but they weren't that difficult. " It will not be pleasant in the locker room of Paris Saint-Germain before the next training, but Mauricio Pochettino is not so dissapointed. He is partially satisfied and believes that in time things will be much better.

"We are aware that we have to make progress. I have no problem with that. I am satisfied with how the attackers have done their defensive tasks." "We have to be stronger in other segments. They need time to get to know each other better and succeed together, but that wasn't a problem tonight."

"We weren't strong enough for the Champions League match. We're not happy with the performance and we know we have to do better. We have a great group of players, we just need to find an offensive and defensive structure.

It takes time."

Herrera on the game

The scorer of the only goal for the PSG, Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera, who has been playing in great shape lately, points out that his team deserved the victory. There is little to indicate such a thing.

Brugge was a better rival tonight. "We knew before the game that we would meet a strong team. I think we played well enough to win. We didn't play great, but we deserved a triumph. Their goalkeeper was very good," he finally praised Mignolet.

He adds that the attacking approach left too much space for the opponent. For a team with the ambitions that PSG have, that should not happen. "We missed a few opportunities, but we will improve. We will win games. We have a very offensive team.

Sometimes when you play attackingly, you leave a certain space behind, that is the philosophy of the team, the club."