Harvey Elliott had a successful surgery, he could return in February

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Harvey Elliott had a successful surgery, he could return in February

The talented Liverpool football player Harvey Elliott suffered a serious injury. As soon as he started to break through and gained the growing trust of Jurgen Klopp, after the start of Pascal Struijk from Leeds, his ankle was injured.

He went under surgery today and he will have a longer break, it was confirmed from the club. Injury to a talented Englishman is not for those with a weak stomach. Struijk went for the ball, but he forced Elliott to bend his leg awkwardly, and then with the weight of his body to completely dislocate his left ankle.

Although the joint was returned to its place on the field, there was a fracture that had to be repaired surgically. That has been done yesterday. The surgery was successfully completed and now follows several months of recovery.

The club did not want to specify and put pressure on the player in any time frame. They claim, however, that he will return to the field by the end of the current season. "Harvey suffered a fracture and dislocation of his left ankle during the game.

We managed to reduce the sprain on the field, and Harvey then underwent surgery to repair the fracture and ligament injury." "The surgery was successful and now his return begins. We will not put pressure on him.

him by setting a deadline, but we can confidently say that we expect him in the team in the continuation of the season, after the rehabilitation program we have prepared for him, "said club doctor Dr. Jim Moxon.


Although the club does not want to deal with forecasting, British Atletic points out that injuries of this type require four to six months of recovery.

So, Elliott could return to the field at the earliest in February. It is more realistic, however, that he will be in operation at least a month later. The talented midfielder made his first football steps at Queens Park Rangers.

He then moved to Fulham, so that Slaviša Jokanović gave him the opportunity to make his debut in the senior competition. However, the Cottages failed to keep him. Liverpool appeared and moved him into their ranks. He spent last season on loan in Blackburn, and this summer, after complete preparations with the first team, he got a serious opportunity to prove himself.

He got a chance in each of the first four rounds, mostly in the first team and left a great impression. Indeed, Elliott was unlucky to be injured at this point in his career, but we also know from the example of Shaw and others that this does not necessarily mean the end of good games.