Solskjaer hopes his team will make it to the round of 16

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Solskjaer hopes his team will make it to the round of 16

Manchester United haVE not been a part of the top of European football for a long time, and the question is when they will become strong again. Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho, Manchester United has been sinking more and more on average, which does not match the astronomical investments and purchases from which only a handful managed to live up to expectations.

Last night in Bern, United touched a new bottom Despite everything, the once amazing striker is optimistic when it comes to United's chances to welcome the European spring. "We need 12 points to go into the next round.

Let's win all the games at home, plus another one on the side and go on safely. We missed the chance against the Young Boys, and again last year we won the first two games against PSG and Leipzig and everyone thought we were going into 1/8th finals.

Now we have five games to take 10 or 12 points," said Solskjaer.

Red card

He managed to comment on the red card of Aaron Wan Bissaka, which raised a lot of dust. "We almost reached the deserved point in a difficult game.

We scored the first goal and it seemed that we had a good chance in the continuation, but Wan Bissaka's red card made a difference." "Aaron certainly didn't mean anything bad. It is difficult to discuss the referee decision, but Aaron did not intentionally go to the rival's ankle, he hooked it in the fall of his foot.

At no time it was a malicious start. " After the young defender came out, United had to change the formation. Donnie Van De Beek was replaced by Rafael Varane, and after 72 minutes,Jesse Lingard was on the field, who changed Cristiano Ronaldo, plus Nemanja Matić instead of Bruno Fernandes...

"It was felt before the end of the halftime that they would change the formation and that they would go playing on the flanks. I think we did well in that situation." "We were lazy at times, we reacted badly to their first goal, and then we were unlucky with the second.

The game had 70 weird minutes, we ran a lot on Saturday (against Newcastle) and now." "Their pitch also exhausted us further. Later, I wanted to have the experience of Nemanja Matić in the middle and Jesse's fast legs ", says Solskjer and concludes: "We took Cristiano out because we felt it was the right time for something like that, and then Lingard's mistake happened.

Things like that happen, it's football. Lots of ups and downs. Great moments happen to you, but also those that expose you. He will get out of this. "