Wijnaldum: "Liverpool didn't want me, Barcelona procrastinated"

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Wijnaldum: "Liverpool didn't want me, Barcelona procrastinated"

Georginio Wijnaldum has become part of the historic transfer period at Prince's Park. He strengthened the team that tailored one of the best teams in the history of football during the summer. However, he points out that he had a desire to stay in Liverpool, he does not hide that he negotiated with Barça, Inter and Bayern, but in the end, PSG easily convinced him.

He wants to conquer everything with the Saints. And while everyone is wondering how Paris Saint-Germain once again remained within the framework of financial fair play, Mauricio Pochettino is in sweet torment. The Argentine got a team consisted of top players this summer.

The four most attractive free agents on the market initialed the contract with the French club. Wijnaldum was the first to do that, followed by Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, European Championship MVP Gianluigi Donnarumma and one of the best football players of all time - Lionel Messi.

It can be said that the Dutchman started an avalanche. He had several offers on the table before making a final decision. However, his primary goal was to continue wearing the club jersey from Anfield.


He failed to reach an agreement with the Liverpool management.

After five years, it became clear that he would have to embark on a new adventure. He claims that he did not feel wanted in the city of the Beatles. "You have to trust your feelings. A couple of months ago, I expressed a desire to stay in Liverpool, but not to go into details, the club did not let me know that they want me.

When situation is like that, you have to move on." It seemed that he would continue his career in Barcelona. Ronald Koeman wanted him passionately, and the Dutchman does not hide that the wish was mutual. However....Due to the financial problems of the Catalan club, the negotiations took longer.

"Barcelona came. I was very happy, because from a young age, like most Dutch players, it was my dream club. I still have to admit that my idol was Zinedine Zidane. I had a strong desire to join Barca. But the negotiations dragged on and then Paris appeared.

" This is not the first time the club from the French capital have shown interest in his services. Six years ago, he also had an offer from Paris, but in the end he chose Newcastle. Last summer, the approach of the Saints was completely different.

"I didn't feel then that they really wanted to sign me. I chose Newcastle, and they made everything clear for me." "However, unlike the situation six years ago, the club has now shown a desire to bring me in.

It's time to give it a try for something different." "The negotiations were over at the moment, but before signing I had the opportunity to talk to Pochettino and Leonardo. They convinced me that they plan to make one of the best teams in Europe. "