Hoeness shocked by the situation in Barcelona

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Hoeness shocked by the situation in Barcelona

As one of the most stable sports teams (if not the most stable), Bayern often gives itself the right to criticize the competition. Due to astronomical, mostly irrational investments, Paris Saint-Germain and most English clubs were often targeted by Bayern's former or current leaders, and Uli Hoeness added Bayern's next rival to the list of clubs of "irresponsible financial business" - Barcelona.

Let us remind you, the Catalan giants fell into debts (over a billion euros), as a result of which they had to give up Lionel Messi and some other expensively paid stars, so after many years they are not in the group of the biggest favorites to win the European title.

According to the words of the former president of the club from Munich, the fact that Barça will not fight for the "ear" is the least problem, because if they were in Germany ... "If Barcelona were a German club, their case would be brought to a bankruptcy judge!

That club is completely broke and can no longer be a role model for anyone." "I remember David Alaba telling me recently that he would like to go and play for Barcelona. I asked him. : And who are you going to negotiate with? With the president of the club or with the bankruptcy trustee?" "What they did is wrong.

Yes, I was also often in favor of going to the extreme financial limits, but as long as I have coverage, as long as I can to refinance costs. When you see that it is impossible then you should say NO! I may not win the Champions League, but I will not be indebted.


Hoeness on Ramos and Messi

Hoennes also commented on the increasingly frequent departures of big stars from Spain. After Cristiano Ronaldo, the suitcases were packed by Messi and Sergio Ramos. "These are all players who will no longer be in top form, at that old level.

Or at least there won't be much time left. And then football will start to develop again, to create new aces. Bayern will be strong in this new era as well, with the same philosophy - no irrational business ”. Many people admire the Bavarians because of the perfect balance between consumption and earnings.

It is still retold how the record-breaking German champion paid off the loans taken for the construction of the Allianz Arena to the banks 16 years before the deadline, and it is especially impressed that with responsible business come top results. In the last eight years, two European championship titles have arrived in Munich.