Jose Mourinho managed to revive AS Roma

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Jose Mourinho managed to revive AS Roma

It didn't take much time or the reason for a real barrel of gunpowder, such as Rome, to have a real explosion. That happened last night in the Eternal City. The reason, of course, was Roma and Jose Mourinho. Not some European or even Italian giant was defeated.

Sassuolo was defeated, but last night it was as if Juventus, Inter, Milan, or Lazio were defeated for Roma fans. Simply, emotionally drained Roma's fans are eager for the moments when their team wins in the last moments of the game and breaks through to the first place of Serie A.

Only the third round has been played, it is certain that this team does not have championship potential, but the fact is that at the moment there is no big club in Italian football. These are character, emotion, and Jose Mourinho!

When you put character and emotion in one place, then the association goes in the direction of "Mr. Special" At a turning point in his career, when many began to call him a former coach, Mourinho chose the best possible destination for himself.

A place that cannot do without its idols, leaders, true leaders. Someone who will extract great passion from that proud historical city and put it in the service of the team and the results.

Mourinho on the game

If you would walk the streets of Rome this morning, go through all possible business offices, shops and schools, there is probably no space where they don't talk about last night's race of Jose Mourinho after the spectacular goal of Stephan el Shaarawy.

There may have been that Portuguese craftiness in all of this, but it didn’t matter either. That is what Roma, their fans, and this football city needed. "During the week I lied to myself saying this was not a special match.

I was trying to make sure it wasn't something special. It was a special match." "It was a match with a special number for me, which I will remember for the rest of my life," Mourinho said after his 1,000 matches in his professional coaching career, and then looked back at the way he celebrated the decisive goal.

"Last night I didn't feel like I was 58. I felt like I was 10, 12, or 14. At the age when you start dreaming about a football career. It was a child's run," Mourinho said after the match with Sassuolo. Mourinho got the most out of the team in the first five games of the season (as many wins), but as we said, this team will probably not have the strength to withstand the pressure at such a high level and remain a serious candidate for the "scudetto", although many would like to such assumptions do not come true