Ibrahimovic: "I make mistakes every day"

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Ibrahimovic: "I make mistakes every day"

I want to disappear ", is all that Zlatan Ibrahimović wants when he finishes his playing career. And sometimes he only wanted his Fido dido BMX bike that someone stole from him in his Rosengard. From stealing bicycles to wanting to escape from everything and enjoying, he stopped a whole life and a rich career.

Everything is known about his extraordinary football quality. We watched his Euro goals and moves. He is one of the best strikers in the history of football. At 40, he is still a pure class. And what is behind it, he opened his soul in a great life confession for France football.

Have you ever found your stolen Fido Dido? "Not. They stole it and I never saw it again. But maybe it was cosmic justice for all the bikes I stole. It's a pity, it was my favorite bike ... " If you could find the one who stole it from you now, what would you do to it? "I would buy him a new one and take mine back."

You devoted a lot of space to that story in your autobiography. Was it a turning point in your life to move from the role of victim to the other side? "No. I was young and stupid. I did all sorts of things to survive. I needed a bike to ride here and there.

When they stole my bike, I started stealing them from others." "I did it solely for the reason that I could not afford to buy others. I know it's not a positive story ... But things like that are done to move forward in life, right? ” What would you steal from football today if you could and give it to little Zlatan? "Nothing.

I would just tell him to be more patient. And that his hard work will return one day. I worked hard, but I didn’t have the patience. I wanted everything now. " How did you learn to be patient? "It's very difficult when you're young.

But when you have the experience I have now, you learn what patience is. But when you are young and wild, full of various ideas and energy, when you want to discover the whole world and learn everything at once, then it is not easy to be patient."

"You need to be surrounded by people who have experience, who will calm you down and who will tell you the truth. " What will be left behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he finishes his career? "I do not know.

Something will remain ... If something remains, it means I did a good job. Maybe some of my ideas and thoughts will remain from everything." "That you should believe in yourself, that you should have your own personality and that you should not refrain from saying something you think.



Did you make mistakes? "I make mistakes every day. I am making a mistake now that I am talking about your newspaper. " Maybe we're making a mistake talking to you too ... "I'm kidding ...

Mistakes are normal, we make them every day and they help us to be better people. "No one is perfect." What are you most proud of? "Everything I did. I come from a place where everyone condemned me and told me that something was impossible.

I was constantly told that I was not good enough." "And I'm still here. I stand still in my football boots. At 39 years old. And I'm proud of that. " Could you have done more than this? "It can always be more and better.

It's a question of mentality. " Even you? "Every person can do better and more. In my head, I always aim for the maximum and I am always convinced that I have given the maximum. Could I have done better, that can be discussed ... "