Juventus management: "Manchester United know how to behave"

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Juventus management: "Manchester United know how to behave"

At Old Trafford, they are happy as never before. In Turin, they could hardly wait to get rid of him. Just as Cristiano Ronaldo delighted Manchester United fans with his decision to return to the club that made him famous, so Juventus sold Portuguese with a sigh of relief.

He did not bring them what they hoped for (read, the Champions League). He has become an increasing financial burden. After three years, he left for Italy and went to England, although there were rumors, even serious hints, that he could end up in Manchester City.

The only thing that the citizens wanted him for free? "If we had let Cristiano Ronaldo go to another club, specifically to Manchester City, we would not have received anything in the name of compensation." "There were no suitable conditions for that job.

United behaved differently, like a club out of tradition. There was no chance for a different epilogue, having in mind the way Cristiano told us he wanted a transfer." "We could not force the player to stay when he did not already recognize our concept of the future ", Federico Cherubini, the new sports director of Juventus pointed out The black and whites resented the Portuguese for insisting on leaving.

More precisely, on the timing. "We respect Ronaldo, however, I share the opinion of our president Andrea Agnelli: 'Juventus' history is based on giants, champions, great coaches and directors, but the club is above us all.'


In the end, Juventus earned 15,000,000 euros, and they will get eight more in case of a bonus. "I have to remind you that in the past we had to pay to get rid of some football players. In this case, if we had let Ronaldo go to another club, we would not have received anything in the name of compensation."

"Even in the week before the start of Serie A, on the eve of the visit to Udinese, we were sure that the Portuguese would stay. I do not want to be hypocritical and say how easy it was to deal with the new situation on August 28."

"It would be easier for all of us and we would all be happier if we entered the whole process a month earlier. " As a solution in the attack, the Old Lady returned Moise Kean on a loan worth 7,000,000 euros. "It is impossible to replace a football player like Ronaldo.

The only risk was that we couldn’t know if a player like Kean would be available at that point." "Not all players are waiting for the last day of the transfer window to see if Ronaldo will stay or leave. With Kean's return, we made a move for the future, sending a message to future generations."

"The product of our academy is in Juve again. We have shown that there are places in our club for young talents. And there will be enough room for progress ", assures Federico Cherubini.