Manchester United agree to pay 117,000,000 euros for Declan Rice

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Manchester United agree to pay 117,000,000 euros for Declan Rice

Just as fans in several British stadiums chant "When the Saints March", so the rest of the world could comfortably look at the Island and sing: "When the English overpay" And they would be right, because if anyone knows how to raise the price of football players, then it is the Premier League.

The last hint of such a scenario comes from Old Trafford. The leaders of Manchester United are sketching a plan for next summer, which includes the purchase of Declan Rice. Red Devils knocked on the door of West Ham, received the answer that their first team player costs 117,000,000 euros, returned home, and decided to attack him.

A player who has never played for a team fighting for trophies. He never felt what it means to compete in the Champions League, not even in the Europa League. Although, the player whom the selector Gareth Southgate trusts without limits, as soon as he has been a regular on the lists since March 2019, and a starter in each of the seven games at the last European Championship.


Is that enough to be more expensive in the future than Romelu Lukaku, Kevin de Bruyne, Virgil van Dijk, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, when the mentioned aces signed for Chelsea, City, Liverpool, and Arsenal? To many, it seems like an attempt to hype another Englishman, which not so long ago happened in the cases of Danny Drinkwater, Ross Barkley, more recently Ben Chilwell, in the past transfer window of Jack Grealish or Ben White.

Who knows, maybe Declan Rice will be a decisive factor for Manchester if he signs for United at all, who identified him as a replacement for Paul Pogba. The French national team player has entered the last year of his contract, he does not want to renew cooperation, but will wait until next summer as a free player and allow himself a more favorable negotiating position, either with Paris Saint-Germain or with Real Madrid.

Rice also told the leaders of West Ham that he did not want a new contract, the existing one expires in June 2023, so the Hammers set the price of 117,000,000 euros. That is supposed to drive away from the suitors. And it turned out that Manchester United had really bitten.

As they say, while there are sheep, there will also be wool ... And Manchester United is at the crossroads of the last five years in the minus of 200,000,000 euros when the money that was poured into the cash register from the sale of players is calculated, set aside for newcomers. And - it's not the end.