Koeman has tremendous support from Laporta

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Koeman has tremendous support from Laporta

Barcelona have experienced one of the most difficult summers in the recent history of the club. There was no money for big transfers, and because of the lack of money, they have to break up with Lionel Messi. In March this year, Joan Laporta returned to the position of club president, and apart from being marked for life as the man in whose mandate the greatest football player in the history of Barca left the club, relations with coach Ronald Koeman were not brilliant either.

Koeman confirmed that in yesterday's interview for Mundo Deportivo. "There were two difficult moments. One at the end of last season and one last week. But, the president did everything to clear things up, "said the Barcelona coach.

The war axes are buried, at least for now. Laporta sees several points that must be respected, such as winning trophies, promotion, and forcing young club talents such as Riki Puig, that is, for Barça, a recognizable attacking football in a 4-3-3 formation.

The president believes that Koeman is the right man to fulfill these goals. "Everyone has their own methods of how to treat people. I am direct and very clear with everyone. Koeman has my full support and my respect."

Laporta on Koeman

"If I have gone too far it is because I like to talk about football. I am a fan and I can comment on certain aspects of the game. Ronald knows he has my support and if I really overdid it, I will try to resort to self-control without leaving my idea of ​​how Barcelona should play" "Ronald knows the club, he is euphoric and motivated.

He is aware that everything will just go for the better, ”Laporta said. Koeman will not have an easy job, having in mind that there is only one Lionel Messi and that adequate replacements have not arrived (if that exists at all), but in previous weeks and months, it was known that the primary goal of the Catalans would be to relieve the budget.

"I am very satisfied with what has been done. A great job has been done, having in mind the situation we are in. I want to thank everyone who helped on the way to Barcelona having a competitive team this season, everyone who worked on the departures of football players.

" "At the moment, salary costs represent 80 percent of the club's salary until recently we were at 110 percent, and soon we will be at 70." "I am grateful to the fans because they understand that we had to make difficult decisions.

An institution called Barcelona is above even Lionel Messi. In the next transfer period, we will be able to function much more normally ", Laporta announced better days when it comes to finances