Haaland: "I'm not satisfied, I want to score more goals"

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Haaland: "I'm not satisfied, I want to score more goals"

Ronaldo and Messi's era is coming to an end, those are the facts, that is biology, but football definitely should not worry. Because if we are going to look at things in a goal-scoring way, Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland are the first candidates to inherit them.

And not only to inherit them but also to surpass them. Both of them, in proportion to their age, have already gone a step further than the two aces who have marked the last fifteen years (they have scored more goals in a given period, Mbappe even has a World Cup), and the Norwegian is so hungry for goals that it often seems scary.

Especially for his rivals. Erling Haaland continued to play in the jersey of the Norwegian national team last night. He scored three goals, albeit against a weak Gibraltar, but what is being written is a hat-trick. And as it was his 11th in his career (in the 173rd match), the statisticians extracted the fact that the three biggest stars of today (Messi, Cristiano, and Neymar) needed many, many more games to reach the same effect.

Specifically: Cristiano needed as many as 503, Messi 359, and Neymar 286. Statistics also say that Haaland played the 15th game for the national team last night (he reached the number of 12 goals) and that Neymar is the closest to him in that category: in the first 15 matches - 8 goals.

Next: Luis Suarez (15/6), Harry Kane (15/5), Cristiano Ronaldo (15/4), Kylian Mbappe (15/4), Robert Lewandowski (15/3), Lionel Messi (15/2), Romelu Lukaku (15/2) ...

Goals in his career

In order to reach 12 goals in the national team, Messi needed 36 matches, and Cristiano needed two less.

In his career so far, Haaland has scored a total of 124 goals in official matches. Until the age of 21: 113. At that age, only Pele (219), Ronaldo de Lima (168), Neymar (145), and Mbappe(116) had a better performance. Messi and Ronaldo are far below.

Argentine - 51, Portuguese - 26. Playing for RB Salzburg in 27 matches, Haaland scored 29 times. He is currently at 64/63 in Dortmund, and in the national team, as we said, at 15/12. However, he is not satisfied and he made that clear immediately after the hat-trick against Gibraltar: "No, this is not good enough.

I'm not scoring enough goals. I think I should have more goals than the game. And I will try to be like that in the future, wherever I play." And then, what do you say? How long can he be so "hungry"?