Koeman after accusations by Pjanic: "He is simply frustrated"

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Koeman after accusations by Pjanic: "He is simply frustrated"

For years, the Barcelona bench was one of the best in world football, and then the dark era of Josep Maria Bartomeu led that many of them are being kidnapped or coaches being changed. Ronald Koeman did not lose his temper when he decided to leave the comfort of his job in the Dutch national team and take over Barcelona, ​​but he was probably not aware of what would await him where he was at the peak as a player and won practically everything that was offered.

Koeman's previous coaching mandate was marked by things that would make many people run away with their heads regardless. Crisis at the top of the club, never worse financial situation, departure of Barcelona icon Lionel Messi, infirmity on the football market ...

He received maximum support from President Joan Laporta in his further work and even revealed that they are working on extending the cooperation, which Koeman welcomed in talks for the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo and Sport.

"It's true, but I don't want to say much. On Monday, the president said everything nicely, he did it as the first man of the club and thus removed any further doubts." "Of course, my stay, like any other coach, depends on the results.

I honestly think that there were certain doubts in my system, some things appeared in the public, from the details of our game, through the case of Riqui Puig, to Samuel Umtiti ", Koeman admits and continues: "I would like to stay here for a long time, but my power is limited to the role of coach.

If there are more and more doubts, even a bad placement on the table, the coach loses all power." "I am mentally strong, I am the same as before, but I need help, support, above all from the club. That is why it is very important to me that the president of the club came out and said such important things.

And how bad things are in the club. "

Griezmann and Pjanic

Why did you let Antoine Griezmann leave, when there is no Messi in the team anymore? "It is true what you are saying, but the club is in a delicate moment when money is sorely needed.

Griezmann is a player who had a very high contract in Barcelona, which is why it was very, very, very important for us that he returned to Atletico and that we didn't have to pay him a contract for another three years."

"As a coach, I want to help the club as much as possible, but we needed another striker. It is difficult to cover Antoinne's position on the field, but it was important for us for the club to let him go and thus relieve himself.

" Miralem Pjanić complained that you barely spoke to him and that he didn't want to watch the reserves play before him? "It's all just frustration and I understand it. But in our idea of the game, our system with and without the ball, he simply did not have his place on the field."

"Nothing else is a problem. I wish him all the best. It was complicated, we tried to solve it, but we saw that other players manage better than him and that's it." "I don't want to talk about him anymore, because he is no longer a Barcelona player. I respect everyone's opinion, but I put an end to this topic. "