Juventus interested in Ryan Gravenberch!

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Juventus interested in Ryan Gravenberch!
Juventus interested in Ryan Gravenberch! (Provided by Sport World News)

Juventus in 2022 would like to strengthen his midfield with a new midfielder, after Tomas Locatelli. Especially after the likely exit of two among Weston McKennie, Adrian Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey. The goal is to lower the amount of salaries and increase talent, from this point of view we must see the strong interest in Ryan Gravenberch, aplayer born in 2002 of Ajax Amsterdam, who again this year has chosen to stay with the Holland club.

The midfielder already has 10 goals behind him in 65 appearances with his club, but his contract expiring in 2023, which has not yet been renewed. Juventus have reason to be confident thanks to the excellent relations with Mino Raiola, the player's agent, with whom the Kean and Ihattaren business has recently been closed.

Alexander-Arnold between NBA and chess!

Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool's 22-year-old right-back, is considered the strongest performer in his role in soccer today. Already winner of an English Premier League, a UEFA Champions League, a European Super Cup and a Club World Cup, the boy from Liverpool spoke to him in an exclusive interview for Italian newspaper Gazzetta Active many details of his life and his career.

He said: "Liverpool? We have been working hard all summer for this new season and the first few games show how focused and determined we are to take home trophies this year. It is clear that playing the World Cup would be fantastic, but at the moment I am focused on Liverpool and the desire to give our fans some good reasons to celebrate all together, now that we can again.

" Regarding his passions, Trent said: "I'm a super football fan and, when I'm not playing, I watch the games of other teams to analyze the play of potential opponents and carefully observe the great players. I am convinced that there is always something to be had.

I also like to watch American sports, especially NBA, but when there is a game to play then I prefer chess. They relax me because they force you to concentrate so much that you don't have to worry about anything else. They are also very useful for train the brain to think one step at a time.

I love the strategy and concentration needed. We play so much that I always have to be focused on football, but I try to stay as close to my family as possible and spend time with them when I'm not training or voyage." On nutrition: "I am an athlete and I have to eat well if I want to be 100% performing.

To be honest, I'm not one of the most adventurous in the world of food, but here at Liverpool we are lucky because we have a great team of nutritionists and chefs who help us to follow the best ways to eat healthy. And in any case, you can never go wrong with a plate of Bolognese pasta!"

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