Laporta: "This is not the end we hoped for Messi in Barca"

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Laporta: "This is not the end we hoped for Messi in Barca"

A month ago, the President of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, held a press conference. Historical. He confirmed that Lionel Messi was leaving the club, and spoke about the difficult financial situation. Now he is facing the "seventh force" again.

Messi was once again an indispensable topic, but the first man of the Catalan club also touched on the departure of Antoine Griezmann, a somewhat shocking engagement of Luuk De Jong. Finances again got the most space in his presentation, and he pointed out that Ronald Koeman has full support.

Considering that he took over Barça at the most difficult moment in the history of the club, took over a debt of 1,300,000,000 euros, at the start of the conference he was asked if he regretted returning to the helm of Blaugrana? "Of course I do not regret being president of Barcelona.

I am more motivated than ever." The question of the Messi and his departure immediately followed. "We were under pressure. We would have to mortgage the club in order to respect financial fair play. There was nothing we could do.

We reached an agreement a long time ago, shook hands, but the league did not accept anything in the end." "Not even a five-year contract. First, they had a positive attitude, but we were told on the fifth of August that we had to mortgage the club.

In the end, we had to set our goals. We could not conclude that there was an improvement and things ended as they ended. " He claims that it is very difficult for him when he sees Messi in other colors. "Nobody wanted to get there.

It was very sad. I followed his debut at PSG and I felt sad when I saw him in another dress. It's a very strange feeling. I didn't like it when I saw him in that jersey."

Messi's comeback

Could Messi come back in the future? "This is not the end we hoped for Messi in Barca.

We will see. We will not close any doors. We will be eternally grateful to him. He is from Barca." Considering that the financial situation did not allow the club to sign a new contract with the Argentine football player, the next step was sales and salary reduction.

The most experienced individuals, Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba, and Sergio Busquets agreed to lower incomes to help the club. "I would like to congratulate Mateu Alemany and his team because they did a great job with the contracts.

I also thank Pique, Alba and Busquets. All four gave everything for Barca." "They are dedicated to the club. It is admirable. They always showed desire. Now we will turn to Sergi Roberto. There are others like Umtiti who are ready to help."

"We wanted to set an example for the captain. Now we will continue to negotiate with other players, who we believe will agree to lower salaries." Would Griezmann's earlier departure allow the club to keep Messi? "When we take into account all the sales and the departure of Griezmann, we would still not be able to register Messi. Next year we will be able to set higher goals in the market."