Pique: "Bartomeou is one of the worst presidents"

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Pique: "Bartomeou is one of the worst presidents"

Barcelona is going through difficult times. They were left without Lionel Messi due to financial problems. The first man of the club, Joan Laporta, addressed the public again last night, in order to summarize the transfer period and the previous month at the Camp Nou.

Gerard Pique also spoke for the Spanish media. He talked about former president Josep Bartomeu, who left a debt of 1,300,000,000 euros to his successor. He defended Samuel Umtiti, who is under attack from the public for refusing to leave the club, even though he has been in the background for a long time, and he has spoken on numerous other topics.

Given that the club has turned black, is Bartomeu the worst president an experienced defender has had at Camp Nou? "I can't say if he is the worst, but from my experience, I have to say that he is at the top. We all bear the blame, it is true that the club did not go in the direction that all Catalans wanted." "Now I am full of hope and excitement.

The next five up to 10 years will be very good for Barça ".

Messi's departure

How did he cope with Messi's departure? "Laporta called us to inform us. Although we reduced the salaries, the captains came to help the club so Barca could register a new players.

The club waited to see what would happen to Leo before any officialization because there was an agreement." Along with Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, as one of the longest-serving players in Barcelona, ​​he agreed to a salary reduction so that the club could create space for hiring reinforcements and embark on the path of financial stability.

"I gave up part of my salary. My contract expired this year, but if I had played a certain number of games, it would have been renewed under the same conditions. Now the fixed part and bonuses have changed." Samuel Umtiti has been on the sidelines of the club for a long time, but he wanted to stay this summer at all costs, even though the club tried in every way to sell him and get rid of his contract.

Pique defended his teammate and shifted the blame to the field of former club leaders. "He fulfills all the obligations in the contract. People have to understand him. His position is impeccable. He never missed training. The other thing is who signed that contract, the president appointed by his partners." The media in Spain came to the information that he was injured while surfing.

He points out that everything is fine with him. "I don't have a problem with the injury. They photographed us and that's it. I went surfing because I'm fine. We told the photographer not to do it, but it was his five minutes of fame."