Ronaldo: "I am sorry that Romelu Lukaku had to leave"

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Ronaldo: "I am sorry that Romelu Lukaku had to leave"

Many people know this feeling - when Ronaldo Fenomeno appears on the front page of a newspaper, sad memories come to a time when football was much more than a business and a screen for turning over enormous sums of money.

The idol of many generations, today the first man of the Spanish second league Valladolid gave a great interview for the Milan daily Gazzezta Delo Sport in which he touched on numerous topics and personalities - from Kylian Mbappe, through Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Moise Kean, Edin Dzeko, Romelu Lukaku and Jose Mourinho, to Inter, Milan, Serie A, as well as does PSG remind him of his Galacticos from the beginning of the third millennium, and can the French giant reach the Champions League trophy? Although he is related to Spain, he admits that he regularly follows the events in Serie A, where he played for city rivals Inter and Milan.

“I follow Serie A with great enthusiasm. Italy cultivates an incredible football tradition and is slowly recovering from the crisis. Proof of this is the triumph at the Euro." "Serie A is a few steps behind the Premier League and the Primera, but Italy, led by Roberto Mancini, promises a lot, especially because the team has a lot of talent and quality ", says Ronaldo.

His Inter won the championship and thus ended the nine-year rule of Juventus, and who will win the Scudetto in 2022? "I am always an Interist, I have a great relationship with the people from Inter and I would like my club to take the title.

The last championship was fantastic." "We have finally stopped Juventus' winning streak, we will remember this title for a long time ", says the winner of two Golden Balls and continues: "I am sorry that Romelu Lukaku had to leave, but hardly anyone could resist the invitation of the top clubs from the Premier League." "Chelsea has the financial power that Lukaku tested and got.

Despite his departure, I still see Inter as the first favorite for the Scudetto. "


Ronaldo doesn't worry ... "Lukaku did leave, but Inter is still a strong and well-balanced team. They brought Edin Dzeko and also they brought in several significant reinforcements.

There are a lot of interesting, young, and talented people on the team. " Among others, the Argentine duo Lautaro Martinez - Joaquin Correa. "I don't know if they will both be able to be starters before Dzeko. Lautaro will certainly play, but Correa and Lautaro certainly guarantee a big number of goals.

The season is long and the coach will have to rotate them in order for everyone to score goals. " Serie A recently remained poorer for Cristiano Ronaldo, who decided to return to Manchester United after more than ten years.

"Juventus and Ronaldo had a good story that only brought benefit to Italian football. Ronaldo made the world rediscover the charms of Serie A, made the league competitive again and played football at the highest level." "Fantastic player. But, Cristiano decided to leave, only my thinking about his stay in Italy does not change. "