Ronaldo: "Messi is my biggest rival, but I am the best"

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Ronaldo: "Messi is my biggest rival, but I am the best"

The transfers of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain and Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United are far from the top of the list of the biggest financial transfers this summer, because the Argentine moved to Paris without a cent of compensation for Barcelona, ​​while the Portuguese's move cost the Devil 15,000,000 euros.

But, the media shook the football market the most, which is logical considering the reputation of the two football players who marked this millennium. Now, who is better, Messi or Ronaldo, the dilemma will last as long as the world last, and Ronaldo according to the English journalist Piers Morgan, pointed out that Messi is the greatest football player he played against, "On the terrace of his favorite restaurant in Turin, we dined the top Japanese food and drank Italian red wine (I drank more than he did) and talked about everything from elite sports and politics to serial killers."

"At one point I asked him who is the greatest football player against whom he has ever played, "Morgan recalled of a recent conversation, while the Portuguese was still playing for Juventus. He didn't wait long for an answer.

"Messi," Ronaldo replied decisively immediately. The Englishman was surprised. "Really," Morgan asked, and again a quick answer followed: "Sure. He's the best I've ever played against," the Portuguese replied, then laughed.

"But Piers, you're asking me the wrong question. You should just ask me who the biggest player is," Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo on himself

This time Morgan was not surprised. "I think I know the answer," he said with a laugh, and the best goal scorer of today, according to him, winked and thus showed that he agrees.

Clearly, Ronaldo was thinking of himself. "He believes he's the best. And I agree with him," Piers Morgan described in an article for the Daily Mail, adding: "This attitude, which some consider arrogance, and I think it's believing in yourself, stemmed from poverty, modest upbringing in Madeira to become - if the popularity of Instagram is the most accurate currency of modern glory - the biggest star in the world ..."

. By all accounts, Piers is right because if we look at things in a logical way, Ronaldo is currently the biggest star in the world, and in addition to his football skills he possesses the charisma with which he has won over a large number of people.

Arrogance is what has always been with him, but it is characteristic that has helped him become what he is today, and it seems that he intends to break more records even though he will soon turn 37