Tottenham are preparing penalties for their players (Romero and Lo Celso)

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Tottenham are preparing penalties for their players (Romero and Lo Celso)

The interruption of the Superclassics caused a lot of controversy around the world, it was stormy in Brazil last night, and although the impression is that the passions have partially subsided in South America, this morning they were stirred by the island Telegraph.

Namely, according to the information of a reputable British newspaper, two of the four Argentine "criminals" who caused the whole mess, Tottenham players Giovanni Lo Celso and Cristian Romero, did not get the club's permission to travel.

Namely, most of the Premier League clubs decided to ban their players from going to the countries on the red list, all because of FIFA's decision not to ease the restrictions for players who would have to be quarantined after returning from national team obligations.

And while Aston Villa gave approval to their players, Emiliano Martinez and his namesake Buendía, to join the Gauchos, Tottenham did not give the green light to their Argentines, and as Lo Celso and Romero ignored the decision, both will be punished by the club, the Telegraph has foundout.

And not only the two of them but also Davinson Sanchez, who also voluntarily responded to the invitation of the Colombian coach Reinaldo Rueda. According to the rules of the Brazilian health authorities, which Romero and Lo Celso ignored, claiming that they had not been in Britain in the previous 14 days - they played against Watford nine days ago - the Argentine national team will have to be in quarantine for two weeks, including Sanchez.

Crystal Palace game

That means they will not be available to Nuno Espirito Santo for the match with Crystal Palace on Saturday. The Telegraph further states that the Premier League is in contact with clubs, the Football Association and FIFA, in order to prevent the same scenario from happening again during the next national team break in October.

It is certain that this will infuriate Nuno Espirito Santo as well, considering that Tottenham is in good shape and that they did not need things like this at this time. It is still unknown how big the penalty will be, but it is certain that Santo will punish the players also.

Tottenham have really started the season great, they have tied three wins and want to continue their run against Crystal Palace. One thing like this could disrupt the whole team, and affect their result, but it is to be hoped that Tottenham will do well without the two mentioned. Crystal Palace can be a tough opponent, and they certainly won’t have an easy task against them