Moratti: "Mourinho will try to win Serie A"

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Moratti: "Mourinho will try to win Serie A"

"I am very happy for Jose, it is a great opportunity for him and the Roma fans. He is a self-confident coach and I am sure everyone will wake up happy in the morning." "He has such an effect. His arrival in Roma is the right move.

As always, he wants to win, he is happy and full of energy ", Moratti said for Messaggero. During his 18-year rule (1995-2013) the Milan club won one Champions League, one World Cup, one UEFA Cup, five scudetto's, four times the National Cup and Super Cup, but also he is the most deserving that the Portuguese arrived at the premises of the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, where he brought five trophies in two seasons.

He doesn't think Mourinho will talk openly about attacking the title, but ... "I don't think he will talk about it, because he is aware that it is a complicated, but not impossible goal. He believes in it, he wants to do it.

But, honestly, he is satisfied with the fight for third or fourth place." Moratti also praised the coach of the European champion of Italy, Robert Mancini, with whom he cooperated just before Mourinho's arrival at Inter.

"He is very good. He made a great achievement at the Euros. He has always been a talented man, and as a coach, he has learned to dominate emotions. He is also a person who likes to see feelings, knows how to start (a team), which is an important quality."

Morrati on Inzaghi

Moratti said that for now, he likes Inter with Simone Inzaghi on the bench, but he still believes that Mourinho will dominate. "I like Inter, but Roma ... We won't talk about it. I believe that Mourinho's return is the most interesting event in Serie A, and there are many good coaches who know how to make a difference.

And who will dominate? Mourinho," the Italian businessman did not hide. answer. Mourinho made a big sensation with his arrival in Rome, and he will bring a lot to Roma as a team. For now, Mourinho is doing a great job even though it’s just the beginning of the season, and a lot can change over the course of one season.

Still, the team looks great, the players are in shape, and the arrival of Abraham seems like a great move by the club’s management. Roma will aim to secure the first 4 places leading to the Champions League, but as Moratti says Mourinho certainly has a goal to win Serie A if given the chance. It will be interesting to follow the events in Serie A this season