Ronaldo returned to England because he was bored in Italy

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Ronaldo returned to England because he was bored in Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best football players of today this summer, made another great dribble off the field. Actually two. While Juventus fans were waiting for the management to (continue to) build a team around him capable of conquering Europe after 26 years of waiting, the Portuguese informed the Agnelli family that he would leave Turin a year before the expiration of his contract.

Etihad Stadium was mentioned as his new destination, but he decided to continue his career at Old Trafford, where he achieved his big boyhood dreams for the first time, which was a big surprise. Not for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The legendary MMA fighter and new football player who wore the Legion Dinamo jersey from Makhachkala, a member of the third rank of Russian football in mid-August, revealed that Ronaldo announced his departure from Juventus long before that information appeared in public.

"I don't want to reveal private messages ... He said he was bored in Italy and wanted to go back to England. Well, I'm not a fan of Italian football either, I wouldn't trade it for English." "Any team there (in England) can prepare a spectacle " Sport24 reports the words of Khabib, who thinks that the Portuguese is cooler than Messi is.

He added that he did not base such an opinion on his long-term friendship with the Portuguese. "Cristiano is cooler. Messi also plays very well, he is one of the best in history. But if the players are equal, then Cristiano's charisma is more powerful."

Brazillian Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo

He hesitated between Portuguese and Brazilian Ronaldo. "Let me choose both of them. Brazillian Ronaldo is a football player of my childhood. I watched him play all my life. He was not at the top for long because he was often injured."

"Only some eight, nine seasons everything was fine. And Cristiano has been around for 17 years at the top, in 2004, he played the finals at the Euros, and now he is in 2021 and he is still winning, "Khabib explained.

Indeed, most football fans are eagerly awaiting Ronaldo’s debut in the old jersey. Manchester fans are certainly the most impatient, as they know how much the arrival of Ronaldo can mean for their club and what a turning point it can be.

There are about 6 days left until the game with Newcastle when Ronaldo will go out to Old Trafford and bring back memories to many Manchester United fans. Premier League has not been as exciting as it is now