Transfer deadline analysis: Grealish biggest transfer this summer

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Transfer deadline analysis: Grealish biggest transfer this summer

Not like on the world's largest stock market, located on Wall Street, the bell marked the end, but the FIFA clock. Not even the trade was in the billions of dollars, but it reached only a few billion. However, the European football market, at least on the territory of the biggest leagues, the so-called five, where the most active and generous English buyers have been for years, has thrown all other events on the planet to the margins this summer, at least according to the number of information that fluctuated through the public.

Even those to whom football is not so close, felt at least part of the tension that "some" Mbappe "is (not) moving to Real", they were convinced that it is possible to swing a huge European soil even from the small and thousands of kilometers away Qatar, they saw that ( almost) every football love, even one of the greatest - Messi and Barcelona - knows how to wither if it is not "flooded" with money that is not (the only) measure of quality, which they wanted to show Manchester United and Ronaldo when the Portuguese returned to his another island of happiness.

Speaking of the island of the one that is much closer to Europe than the birthplace of the Portuguese, again Great Britain, ie it's southern and central part, painted in the flag of England, had the greatest influence on the summer (football) money flows.

Although Premier League clubs were not only 11 percent more modest than last year in reinforcements in the announcement (history teaches that not every arrival of players is a reinforcement), they "saved" more than the previous six years, they still spent 1,140,000,000 pounds 1.330,000,000 euros) for hiring 148 football players, whether they are "permanent transfers" or loans, which is 16 more than 2020, or 20 more than 2019.

Other leagues

When it comes to this type of spending, in second place, but with a huge backlog, are their colleagues from Serie A, who set aside around 550,000,000 euros for hiring new players. Of course, due to significantly poorer incomes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Italians were forced to turn on the savings mode, so this summer they spent 175,000,000 less on player engagement than in 2020.

The most expensive Englishman is also the most expensive planetary reinforcement this summer: Jack Grealish, the new star of Manchester City with a price of 117,500,000 euros that will burden him in the coming period. In third place is the German Bundesliga, the only one in the top five to increase spending.

Bundesliga clubs set aside 415,000,000 euros, or 125,000,000 more than in 2020. The transfers of Dayot Upamecano (42,500,000 euros) and Donyell Malen (30,000,000) are the biggest. In the fourth is the French Ligue 1 with 375,000,000, unlike the 430,000,000 euros set aside last summer, since PSG managed to bring Lionel Messi, Gianluigi Donnnarumma and Sergio Ramos without compensation, and Olympique de Lyon brought Jerome Boateng In fifth place is the Spanish Primera with only 295,000,000 spent on compensation and loans for new players (395,000,000 was spent in 2020).

The main reasons for this skimping of the Spaniards are well known. The first - with the failed attempt to establish the Super League, from the USA, more precisely from the office of the financial corporation "JP Morgan", Real, Atletico and Barcelona did not receive the promised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Others - Barcelona. The new administration, after digging up data on the historical debt due to which it allegedly had no theoretical chance to keep Messi was preoccupied in recent months with burying a huge financial crater, while the "holes" in the team were "patched" by players whose arrival did not require money.