Kessie rejects AC Milan's new contract!

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Kessie rejects AC Milan's new contract!

Black days for black and red. Gianluigi Donnarumma left, Hakan Chalhanoglu left, and they are afraid in Milan that Franck Kessie will also leave. Moreover, they believe that the African midfielder deliberately rejected the proposals for a new contract in order to wait for his current one to expire and leave the San Siro as a free agent next summer.

How persistent the Ivory Coast national team player is in that intention is best evidenced by the information of Gazzetta dello Sport that he said "no" to the leaders of Rossoneri when they gave him a contract with the option to stay after June 2022, for a salary of 6,500,000 euros per season.

He currently earns 2,200,000 and this financial effort of Milan shows how much they value ​​their first-team player, but it seems that Kessie does not appreciate the club's sacrifice. Or he just love him to the last cent.

How else to explain that Milan only this summer, from the initial 3,000,000 euros, reached the sensational 6,500,000, and that Kessie, at the urging of the MPs, rejected each of those offers. According to Gazzetta sources, the people who represent the former member of Atalanta are demanding a net salary of 8,000,000 euros for their client, and another 2,000,000 in bonuses.


The leaders of Milan believe that behind this behavior of Kessie and his managers is Paris Saint-Germain. They are convinced that the sports director Leonardo is trying to attract the player in the same way he convinced the goalkeeper Donnarunma to move to the Princes' Park.

The Italian national team player suffered enormous pressure from the club, fans, and the public to sign a new contract, but he persevered and signed for PSG without a cent in compensation. Leonardo is planning something similar with Kessie, as he knows that it is not a problem for Arab owners to set aside 8,000,000 euros for a salary and an additional 2,000,000 through bonuses to refresh the midfield for two transfer periods.

Apart from PSG, the development of the situation around Frank Kessie is followed by the Premier League, Liverpool and Tottenham, although they have small chances compared to the French club. PSG seem to want to further strengthen the team, although they already have phenomenal players in every position.

However, the midfield is a bit weaker, although Wijnaldum has arrived, they need another good midfielder in addition to Veratti, who can help the team. It is Kessie who can be the last piece of the puzzle, with the help of whom they could win the Champions League