Arsene Wenger is preparing a football revolution

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Arsene Wenger is preparing a football revolution

He made one revolution at Arsenal and plans another at FIFA. While sitting on the bench of the Gunners, the club from London had a soul, a game, results, and after the end of his coaching career and moving to FIFA, Arsene Wenger wants to reconstruct football.

Both national team and club. He suggests redrawing the competition calendar so that at the end of each season, one big tournament is organized (World Cup or continental championships) so that the qualifications are played in only two terms a year, which would leave room for club seasons not to be interrupted every moment.

"Our goal is to improve the quality of football by making competitions more frequent. The calendar of national team matches has been determined until 2024, but after that, there is a possibility of changes." "We want to increase the frequency of matches, but to simplify competitions so that everyone has a purpose."

"Everything for the benefit of football", the legendary Wenger points out the motives on the pages of L'Equipe.


According to his ideas, national football would be played for a month in a row. In early autumn and spring.

With the final tournament at the end of each season. Between club football only. For several months constantly "Our idea is to group the qualifying matches for placement in big competitions in two terms. October and March.

In that way, we would make things easier for both clubs and national teams." "The essence is that in that way we would have one qualification every year and one final tournament at the end of each season. One year it would be the World Cup, the next continental championships."

"And again. And between the dates for the qualifying matches, the players would stay all the time in the clubs that pay them." "In the modern age, people need competitions whose format they can easily understand, and where quality will be concentrated."

From the position of the director of the sector for the promotion of football in FIFA, Arsene Wenger assures that the goal of the World Football House is not to make money, but to put the players and the audience in the foreground.

"It's not about profit, for the simple reason that there would be fewer matches on the program than is the case now. Players would be less likely to receive invitations to national teams, thus they would be less tired.

" "The idea is to improve the quality of the competition, and not to generate more income. Especially such a thesis has no foundation if it is known that FIFA distributes money to all federations in order to work on the development of football. In addition, after each major competition, players would have at least 25 days off, which is more than before. "