Arturo Vidal is mad at Koeman

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Arturo Vidal is mad at Koeman

He used to come as a big reinforcement to the Barcelona team and was expected to be one of the main links in the team of the Catalan giant. After good seasons at Juventus, he signed for Bayern where he once again showed how good a player he is.

With that, he bought himself a ticket to Barcelona. However, last season was one of the worst seasons in the history of Barcelona and it looks like Vidal will leave Barcelona with a few other players. New coach Koeman wants to make a totally new team with new names that will probably be younger.

proved to be a great coach and most have no doubt that he will revive Barcelona Arturo Vidal can't come to terms with the fact that Ronald Koeman crossed him out before the start of the new season, so he threw trees and stones at one of the biggest clubs on the planet.

The Chilean referred to the recent debacle in the final of the Champions League, accusing the club of not functioning in accordance with modern football trends. "It was very painful that we were not in the very end and it happened in a bad way.

I had a lot of faith that it could happen, but the team was not good. We did things that are not done at the highest level. You pay that price against an organized opponent, a winning mentality with physically prepared players, and a strong game system.

It happens to you when you are weak in the head and have no energy, "Vidal said, as quoted by mozzartsport

Bad steps for Barcelona

In his opinion, Barcelona is making numerous bad steps, especially when it comes to giving up players who have achieved numerous great results in the past period.

"It is clear that these are not just players, but much more than that. The club must improve in the best way. It is not easy, it is not a matter of coming, rejecting the biggest names, and changing things. Barça must change its way of thinking "Football has evolved a lot, DNA has become obsolete, and other teams have become better in terms of strength and speed.

Technology sometimes falls into the background." It seems that a lot of wrong steps were made at the beginning of the team's reconstruction. "Barcelona has a lot to change. A club that thinks to be the best in the world can't have 13 professionals and the rest be young players.

Not because they don't deserve to be there, but you have to have the best competitive team. Every team takes 23 players to take care of their place, to grow and improve every day. If you think DNA can make you eternal winners, you are very wrong.

There are many good players, we have the Messi who is an alien and number one, but he needs players who improve the team and give better results, "Vidal said.