Benzema: "Mbappe will play for Real Madrid one day"

"Real is the best club in the world, but Kylian must also respect his current club"

by Sead Dedovic
Benzema: "Mbappe will play for Real Madrid one day"

PSG resisted hurricane attacks by Real Madrid in the summer transfer window and kept Kylian Mbappe in force. At the same time, they threw 200,000,000 euros across the water. They turned down the second-biggest transfer in the history of football and lost a huge amount of money.

And not only will they be left without euros in compensation, but they will also have to pay Monaco 35,000,000 euros when Mbappe leaves for free. On the first day of next year, Mbappe will be able to sign a pre-contract with Real Madrid without any permission and move to Santiago Bernabeu next summer for free as a free agent.

At least that is the agreement between the Royal Club and the French striker ... Until then, the hopes of Paris Saint-Germain will fade so that they can still extend the contract with Mbappe. But that hope is very thin ...

Mbappe has so far rejected all offers to continue cooperation, the last of which was brutal. The Saints offered him 45,000,000 euros per season until 2024, which would make him the highest-paid football player in the world, but he refused.

Benzema on Mbappe

Simply put, money is not a key factor in his choice to pursue a career. He wants to go to Real and no offer from Nasser Al Khelaifi can change his mind. Mbappe's arrival at Real is only delayed, which can be concluded from today's words of his compatriot and teammate from the national team, Karim Benzema.

"Mbappe will play for Real Madrid one day. Sooner or later. The two of us get along well on the field in the national team and I would like him to be with me in Madrid right now." "Real is the best club in the world, but Kylian must also respect his current club.

He is there at the moment and that's it, "said Benzema. It is also clear that Mbappe will now charge better for the transfer to Real than if he left in the summer transfer window. As Real Madrid will not have to set aside 200,000,000 euros for compensation, Mbappe will use it to get a bonus for signing and a stronger contract.

And Real will still have a lot of money left after that, which will be reassigned to bringing in another star. Marca with the title "Two for the price of one" announces that Florentino Perez will do everything next summer to pair Mbappe and Erling Haaland, who is also his great wish.

Borussia Dortmund repulsed all attacks by interested clubs on Haaland this summer, but the Norwegian has a fixed clause at the price of 75,000,000 euros from next summer, which is more than affordable for interested buyers. And here Borussia can't do anything

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