Ronaldo breaks all-time scoring record

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Ronaldo breaks all-time scoring record

Probably the only player they criticize when he scores goals. And he gives them regularly. Always. Everywhere. To all. He does not choose a place and time. He chooses a weapon. Right, left, head, chest ... Whatever. As it is clear that the day will dawn, so it is known that Cristiano Ronaldo will shake the net.

He is ending the calendar year 2021 as the best scorer of Serie A, the best scorer of the European Championship, and the best scorer of national football of all time. And then after the story that he is finished, that he is on a downhill, that his time has passed.

The Portuguese responds - I last. At the age of 36, he is at the top of the world. "Of all the records I achieved during my career - fortunately, there were several - this one ranks high on the list of achievements. I don't know if anyone has more records than me, however, the last one is special, it makes me very happy."

"Another for the museum. I do not intend to close the account ", the satisfaction in the voice of the returnee to Manchester United is noticeable, as he" turned "the Republic of Ireland (2: 1) with goals in the 88th and sixth minute of compensation, brought the important points on the way to the World Cup in Qatar.

He became the best goal scorer of all time when goals for national teams are counted, overtaking Ali Daei

111 goals

With a double dose, he has 111 goals, while the Iranian remained at 109. "I am ready for the show for another three, four, or five years!

The secret is in the motivation. I am motivated by the desire to continue playing football as before." "Especially since I signed a contract for Manchester United and returned home. I wake up every day with the ambition to be better than yesterday, but also to make fans and children around the world happy.

That is the basis of everything. " Big player! No matter what those who don't like him say. In addition, in the last 47 games for the former European champion, he scored 49 times. On average, more than a goal per match.

This year: eight matches - eight goals. And then they wonder how he gave it to the Irish in the game that started with an unused penalty. "Because he is Ronaldo," explained Fernando Santos, Portugal's coach. "He is always in his element.

The big players are like that. Even when things don't go their way, they show up in the end and solve the problem."