Will Messi come to Manchester?

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Will Messi come to Manchester?

The greatest loves are often the most painful divorces, and this one in Barcelona is slowly turning into one. Barca's first man, Josep Maria Bartomeu, does not want to be remembered in history as the man whose best player in the history of the club escaped, and Lionel Messi does not want to see him anymore.

And here we are in a vacuum that Manchester City would gladly use, but does not want to get involved in a lawsuit that could potentially cost 700,000,000 euros, because Barça still insists on activating the exit clause.

Too much, because City has already saved 750,000,000 euros just for the Messi. Namely, his salary would be approximately the same as the one he has in Barcelona: around 50,000,000 euros net, or 100,000,000 gross. For five years Pharaoh's 500,000,000 just for a salary.

Pride, according to Catalan Sport, there is an additional 250,000,000 euros that Messi could collect in bonuses only in the next three seasons in Manchester because we know that the offer envisages him working in New York City for the last two years of his contract.

Messi is leaving Barcelona for free

Of course, that is all under the assumption that Messi would leave Barcelona for free, and Bartomeu must not allow himself that, so he insists that he is right on his side. And it is unlikely that City, with the most expensive lawyers in the world, will accept the risk of going to court with Blaugrana, maybe even in Catalan, because we know who he will be in favor of.

Regardless of what FIFA says, which could issue a temporary certificate to the Messi, but that would not eliminate the possibility of a lawsuit in the long run. The idea of ​​the Messi, it is already known, is to try to achieve some kind of friendly parting.

To pay City some compensation, but realistically. As, for example, Real met Cristiano Ronaldo when he let him go to Juventus for 100,000,000 euros. It's just that Bartomeu is not Florentino Perez. Especially not in the months before the elections.

However, there is no room for maneuver. Messi did not want to appear on the PCR test, and therefore not on Ronald Koeman's first roll call. He thus risks Bartomeu to lose the Argentine in nine months without a dinar of compensation.

And Barça is still in a bad financial position. It would mean those 100,000,000 euros to them, especially if they got Bernardo Silva and a few others, although for now at the Camp Nou stadium they categorically refuse to talk about it.

They will still have to sit at the table. Messi's father Jorge is coming to Barcelona tomorrow and will talk to Bartomeu on Wednesday at the latest. Then the situation could become a bit clearer because at the moment Barça and Messi look like two rams on a log. Someone will have to give in or everyone will go into the water.