PSG is asking for 200 million for Mbappe or 180 million and top player

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PSG is asking for 200 million for Mbappe or 180 million and top player

Huge money and defeat in the field of vanity? Or the trio Messi - Neymar - Mbappe for a year, and then a painful parting? Qatari owners Paris Saint-Germain will be in big trouble for the next 48 hours because Real's first man Florentino Perez has a clear plan to show who the Royal Club is and will not allow the French to think too much.

He is convinced that if PSG do not sell Kylian Mbappe this summer, they will get a top player next year without compensation. In fact, PSG sports director Leonardo has already spoken about Perez's alleged strategy to take Mbappe for free, and that the offer of 160,000,000 euros seven days before the expiration of the transfer period is just a mask so that it does not turn out that Real was incorrect.

Perez, meanwhile, raised the offer to 170,000,000 plus 10,000,000 euros in bonuses, but at Prince's Park they flatly refused. And here we come to the stalemate because Real is sending signals through the Spanish media that they will not go beyond what was offered and that they will wait for PSG until 5 pm today.

If there is no answer, summer or at least January will be waiting. PSG, on the other hand, announces their intentions through Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family, an unofficial spokesman for the Parisian club, when a media campaign should be launched somewhere.

He claims on Twitter: Real's 180,000,000 euros can only pass if the Madrid players put another player in the business, not anyone, but someone good.

Swap deal

The media in the Pyrenees immediately began to interpret it in various ways.

From the fact that Real would have to set aside 200,000,000 euros for Mbappe if they want him immediately. To speculation about whom they could offer in a swap deal. The names of Isco, Marco Asensio, and even Eden Hazard are mentioned here, but not with 180,000,000 euros, of course, and that is a precondition for Parisians.

Mariano Diaz and Luka Jovic will hardly be in the story. The Spanish press has already started to flatter Mbappe by defending him from the truth of unreasonable attacks by Real fans who resent him for - celebrating goals in the victory against Reims ?!

They remind that Mbappe did everything he could to move to Madrid: he refused a new contract from Paris Saint-Germain, told the club's management that he wanted to go. He never said that he would ask for it publicly because he does not want to part with PSG in an ugly way.

A game of nerves in Madrid and Paris. Will someone ease up? Or will Mbappe be reluctant to stay at Princes Park next season? All the time under pressure to change his mind and sign a new contract. Obviously not.