Martinez will sign a new contract. Salary: 6 million euros!

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Martinez will sign a new contract. Salary: 6 million euros!

Less than two weeks ago, Inter tore apart the attacking tandem that brought them the championship title. Although Romelu Lukaku announced at the beginning of the transfer window that he would stay at Inter, he moved to Chelsea.

The Nerazzurri charged heavily (115,000,000 euros), but it was somewhat clear that another member of the said tandem remained. And not only that, Inter agreed during the day on the conditions that will include a new contract - the cooperation will be extended from 2023 to 2025 or 2026, and the Argentine will earn 6,000,000 euros a year with the possibility of increasing his salary through bonuses.

This means that Lautaro will receive a 140 percent increase since the current 2,500,000 will receive at least another 3,500,000 a year. In that way, he will enter the top ten highest-paid Serie A players. At the moment, both are working in favor of fixing the smallest details.

By comparison, after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the undisputed record holder, Matthijs de Ligt is the new leader with 8,000,000.


In second place is Paulo Dybala with 7,500,000, as much as Edin Dzeko would have had if he had not moved to Inter from Roma, or Romelu Lukaku if he had not gone to Chelsea.

Christian Eriksen has the same number, whose continuation of his career at Inter is questionable for well-known reasons. Juventus Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey have 7,000,000 each, as well as Alexis Sanchez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, respectively, and only Leonardo Bonucci, Wojciech Szczesny, and Arturo Vidal, who receive 6,500,000 each, will be paid more than Lautaro.

Inter said goodbye to Romelu Lukaku and brought in two replacements, Edin Dzeko and Joaquin Correa. Both shone on their debuts, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian striker with a goal and an assist against Genoa, the Argentine with two goals against Verona.

However, it is clear that Lautaro is the first attacking star. Last season, he played all 38 championship games, scoring 17 and scoring ten more goals - in basketball jargon, double-double performance. Inter had the opportunity to sell him for 70,000,000 euros, as offered last week by Tottenham and Atletico Madrid, but they did not dare to afford the luxury of another member of the Lu-La tandem leaving in the same transfer window.

Given Martinez's qualities, we have no doubt that he will have a great season just like last year, especially when he has an experienced player like Dzeko and one of the best strikers in Europe. Inter could win the title again, because it is obvious that they are still strong