Willian will become a Corinthians player

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Willian will become a Corinthians player
Willian will become a Corinthians player (Provided by Sport World News)

According to numerous media from Brazi - Willian is returning home. For the second time in his career, the experienced Brazilian will borrow the Corinthians equipment. He made an incredible gesture, decided to terminate his contract with Arsenal, and he will forgive them for the two-year income that followed.

In the club where he made his first football steps, he will have a 70% lower salary than the Emirates. Hats off to the Brazilian's move, the love of the game won. His passion and desire to play again in front of the fans in his homeland convinced him to give up his big salary and go to Sao Paulo.

He agreed to cooperate with Corinthians until the summer of 2023, and his initials are expected on Monday. When he came to Arsenal, he became one of the best-paid players on the team. He earned 280,000 euros a week. However, only part of that was his salary.

At the weekly level, it amounted to slightly less than 117,000 euros. The rest was the bonus he received when signing the cooperation, divided into weekly installments. A total of 16,800,000 euros. He worked one season, and as Sky Sports points out, he gave up his remaining income in order to get clean papers and speed up his return to his homeland.


Corinthians have run out of time to bring him back, as the transfer period in the land of samba, coffee and football expire on Monday. Willian leaves the sinking ship, but with his head held high. The English media report that they are delighted with his gesture at Arsenal.

He will comfort the club that spent 150,000,000 euros during the current transfer window, 23,340,000 euros for the next two years. Rarely would anyone decide on such a move. However, some things are obviously more important to a Brazilian than money.

It is more important for him to repay the club that created him at the end of his career. He became a member of the Corinthians 23 years ago, and eight years later he made his debut for the first team. Only a season later, Shakhtar paid the club from Sao Paulo 14,000,000 euros for his freedom.

Big money at the time. After six years in Donetsk, he decided to fill his pockets in Makhachkala, so he was briefly part of the ambitious Anzhi project. He soon realized that this was not the environment for him, and the clubs from the Premier League, aware of Willian's qualities, started to get his signature faster and better.

Chelsea won. In seven years with Blues, he won two titles in the Premier League, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Europa League.