Real Madrid set an ultimatum to PSG!

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Real Madrid set an ultimatum to PSG!

At one point, everything seemed like a finished story. Real Madrid first negotiated with PSG, then moved in a recognizable style towards the signature of Kylian Mbappe. Real Madrid sent an astronomical offer of 170,000 million euros to Paris (with the addition of a 10 million euro bonus), and it seems that they won a poker war with PSG, who urgently needs a financial injection after a series of incoming transfers.

However, there was a stalemate in the final round of negotiations. From there, the people from Real Madrid, that is, President Florentino Perez sent the ultimate message at Prince's Park. Either the transfer of Kylian Mbappe will be completed by the end of the weekend, or Real Madrid will withdraw from the negotiations.

They are aware in Madrid that a new prolongation of the signature would put them in a very unenviable situation and a timeout, considering that on Monday, Kylian Mbappe must report to the French coach Didier Deschamps before the matches against Bosnia, Ukraine, and Finland.

It would be practically impossible to finish the transfer on the last day of the transfer period, taking into account Mbappe's obligations, but also the obstacles caused by the COVID conditions.

Game of nerves

The game of nerves continues.

And it is clear that the more patient will win, considering that they expect compensation of 200 million euros in Paris. "Nothing has changed in the last two days. The situation is identical ", said the sports director of PSG, Leonardo.

And these words reveal the plans of the leaders of PSG. They know that Florentino Perez can reach the magic figure of 200 million euros since he was completely inactive in the last four transfer periods, and in the meantime, he earned about 180,000 from the sales of Rafael Varane, Achraf Hakimi, Martin Odegaard, Sergio Reguilon, Oscar Rodriguez and others.

During the week, Marca announced that Mbappe could lift the jersey in front of Real Madrid fans already today, before the match with Betis. However, there will be none of that. A new move in the poker game is awaited. PSG are also aware that Real Madrid needs a star like Mbappe, and that they will do their best to bring him to Madrid.

It is this fact that is in their favor, and for now they are rejecting Real Madrid's offers. We don't know how long that will last, but it seems that Perez is losing patience, and if PSG refuse such an offer, it could cost them. Mbappe wants a transfer, and who needs a dissatisfied player in the team?